What We Do

Technology Strategy. Development Services.


We work with organisations across a range of business sectors, including Medical Diagnostics, Social Networking, GIS systems, Industrial Control and Monitoring, Security Systems and Wireless Technology, providing the following services.

Product Roadmap.  We assess and advise on business planning and strategy with a focus on implementation and how technology will support your business growth.

Technology Strategy.  We undertake in-depth reviews of how technology will be used in the business, assess system architecture and advise on how new technologies can be used to innovate.  We also look at how acquisition of complementary technologies can be used to support and enhance your business.  We will work with your business development and product management teams to ensure that business objectives and product roadmaps are underpinned by a robust, scalable and cost-effective technology strategy.

Support for Funding.  With significant experience working with start-ups and the VC community, we undertake independent technical due-diligence in preparation for funding events and to assist with technology management.  For organisations, we help build the business and technology plans required by funding applications.  For VCs and Private Equity partners, we execute due-diligence activities, advising on suitability for investment.

Virtual CTO.  We provide this service to organisations when their size and structure doesn’t warrant them employing someone in a full-time role or when they require an additional, more experienced pair of hands. On a retained basis, we undertake a comprehensive range of activities, including team-building, mentoring, system architecture and strategic technology leadership.


Nerostorm provides a full software development capability and is able to implement complex Web Applications , create iOS and Android Apps and undertake Embedded Systems Implementation.

Our extensive software development and project management experience has helped us create a robust delivery process. We manage the full life-cycle of your project in line with your precise business requirements.

This multi-stage process includes working with you to understand your requirements, formulating an appropriate architecture & design, rapid prototyping & development and rigourous testing & QA.

We operate an ‘Agile’ development process which allows progress to be closely monitored and requirements-change to be accommodated with minimum impact.

Project costs and timescales are always carefully managed to ensure they meet your expectations.

We can work with you to determine a cost-effective development strategy that includes mobile, with options for native application development on Apple iOS and Android platforms, or the creation of responsive, mobile websites to serve all device platforms.

Our expertise includes native iOS (Swift) and Android (Java), PHP, MySQL, SQL Server, C#, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript/jQuery, Embedded C/C++, Azure and Amazon Cloud services.