You know you’re part of Team Pop when… March 30, 2018

– You can communicate about coffee using only a series of facial expressions

– You know not to be within a 10 meter radius of Laurel when you have any contagious illness

– You have taken the loss of Gary the Goat a little too personally

– Your desk is affectionately referred to as ‘a teenager’s bedroom’ by everyone else in the office

We really tried to be tidy, I promise!

– You have experienced Lindsay’s Real Talk

– You now consider yourself to be close chums to many of the PMM artists (even the ones you haven’t met yet in person)

– Oliver has taught you the Sacred Art of Delegation

– You see an innuendo in everything from a clay pot to a bottle lid

(It’s hard to take anything seriously when we’re all so hilarious)

– You have a collection of assorted Pop My Mind artwork around your desk, and you’re not quite sure how it ended up there

– You now refer to the PMM lead investor as ‘Uncle David’

– Every team selfie you try and take fails horribly

– You receive an email from Karis (a.k.a. the Northern One) about every 2 hours

– You check your work emails at the weekend, before telling yourself off and closing your inbox

– You are occasionally caught talking to the office cactus

He’s called Jerry.

– You feel dread the moment you see someone smiling and holding a camera #teamvideotime

– You can’t have a full conversation with PMM Web Developer Alan without at some point mimicking his Scottish accent or his catch phrase “sh*t hot!”

– Nothing delights you more than checking out what everyone else is eating for lunch

– You have now realised that every Pop My Mind social is an excuse to drink wine

– You look forward to management meetings with Wayne the Accounting Director, because it means pizza is coming

A snap of our Halloween social 2018!


Hope you enjoyed hearing what happens behind the scenes in the Pop My Mind office. I would love to hear what you get up to when you’re working hard or hardly working!

Written by Karis Lambert