You Are Invited to an Artist Talk with Martin Swan! March 8, 2017

Martin Swan is one of the most prolific artists on Pop My Mind, who’s bold sculptural work has been a staple on the website since he first joined the community in April 2016. His unmistakable style of assemblage and darkly playful themes make his work instantly recognisable, and is commendable for its strong evocation of emotion in the viewer and skillful execution. You can read more about Martin Swan‘s work in our artist feature here.

A section of Martin‘s piece Despot

Pop My Mind Norwich (a.k.a. the dream team Lindsay Elise Jolly and Bethan Kerridge, who are also artists on Pop My Mind) have organised a talk with Martin Swan where he will give us an insight into his creative practice. The talk will be centered on his background in Neuro Linguistic Programming and how this ties into the contextual roots of his work: how he uses his knowledge as a starting point to create new pieces of work.

This will be an engaging and informative talk open to all  of the Pop My Mind community, and those interested in joining.

Date: Tuesday, March 14

Time: 6:30 – 7:30pm

Venue: Norwich University of the Arts

Duke street building
4 Duke St, Norwich, Norfolk


Go to the Facebook event here.

See Martin Swan‘s artist page on Pop My Mind here and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep up to date with our next events!

Written by Karis Lambert