What is Popping? February 14, 2017

Pop My Mind is a community of artists all taking inspiration from each other’s work and re-interpreting it in different ways. A poem could prompt an painter to create an image based on it. This could then go on to inspire a musician to compose a piece of music based off of the painting. This process of re-imagining is called popping.

For example, this image is called Refugeeby Adam Riches.

This piece of artwork, created using charcoal on paper, was submitted in March 2016. Since then, it has been popped twice, inspiring two more pieces of visual artwork.

Poisonous Flower by Sarah Bale is one of the pieces inspired by Adam’s work. It was submitted to Pop My Mind a few months after Refugee and within a month, this too had been popped.

This image called Street Beggar by Frederic Belaubre (below) was inspired by Sarah’s Poisonous FlowerEven though is was not directly inspired by Adam’s Refugee, it is still reminiscent of it, as if the very spark of inspiration itself is carrying a theme down the chain.

If we return back to Adam’s Refugee, we can see that it was also popped by illustrator Sam Spicer.

Refugee Crisis was submitted in July 2016 and shortly after, this ink on paper piece was popped by Rebecca Freeman with an ink painting on watercolour paper.

Maskinspired by Sam’s Refugee Crisis, bears striking resemblance to Street Beggar by Frederic BelaubreEach piece was popped by different artists with completely different styles but it is interesting to see that the artist’s interpretation of each image eventually took their artwork in similar direction.

A diagram of the Pop chain, showing the process of Popping!

If you want to carry on the chain of artwork from either Frederic’s piece or Rebecca’s piece, join us at and submit a creative response. Or you could respond to one of Pop My Mind’s themes and start a chain of your own. See how others interpret your work and watch it change into something new.

Written by Tamzyn Jackson