What Does Inspiration Look Like? December 19, 2016

Introducing you to the concept of Popping.

At Pop My Mind we know that inspiration can come at any time, in any place, and can be prompted by anything – from a song on the radio, to a weird dream you had last Tuesday. It also comes from other artists: taking themes, ideas and prompts from other creative people and taking them in new directions. The arts are all part of a dialogue, and it is important to maintain this conversation and continue to learn from each other.

Our website is built for artists of all disciplines to influence each other’s work and expand their creative practise in this way.


Pop My Mind artist / print maker Matt Tate

As an artist using the site, you respond to another person’s work or a theme (termed ‘Popping’), and from there you can track the route that lead to your final piece. For example, you may have made a music piece in response to a painting – and this painting may have been inspired by a poem, which was influenced by the theme ‘joy’ etc. In turn, you can see pieces which have been made in response to your work – always an exciting moment when one is uploaded!

Besides this, Popping can lead to rewards such as the monthly Invention Award – a £50 bursary given to who we think has produced the most inventive piece of work that month.


Demonstration of a Pop Chain

The diagram above shows how the central piece of content – Medis Informacija by Emily Godden – went on to influence three more generations of content, including writing pieces, photography, illustration, glitch art and moving image. This is just one example of the dialogues between creatives on our platform.



Contemplation by Michelle Bowden – the last in the Pop chain (for now)

Stay tuned for more pop chain features and see how work can develop across the creative disciplines!


Do you want to be the creative spark for others? It’s simple – just send us your name and email here and we’ll get in touch as soon as we can. Want to influence others, or be influenced? Click here to see the latest pieces on Pop My Mind.

Written by Karis Lambert