Think Travel: our new mental health project by Roseanne Ganley April 28, 2017

The team at Pop My Mind all feel strongly towards supporting people to improve their mental health and well being, and we wanted to incorporate this as an integral part of our organisation. We have therefore teamed up with Roseanne Ganley, a frequent uploader and friend of PMM, who has an exciting project in mind to combine travel and well-being in a creative project.

Think Travel is the start of an ambitious project which aims to support people in Suffolk and beyond to embrace travel as a means to improve their mental health and lifestyle. We aim to support Roseanne’s project as she researches the links between travel and decreasing stress levels, and develops a holistic project to help support mental heath in the PMM community, the local area and beyond. Find her new official website here.

Being an online community for creatives, there is obviously a creative aspect to this which we want you to take part in!

Think Travel challenges you to travel to a place that inspires you and create a new piece of creative work based on your experience (music, video, writing, visual art or anything in between).

This could be somewhere you went in your childhood, locations of importance to you, or somewhere completely new. You can go anywhere!

From responding to the landscape, people watching, to processing your thoughts or personal experiences, you can be influenced in any way you like. We encourage you disconnect by turning your devices on flight mode and putting them away so that you can get the most out of your experience.

We are offing a selected winner (and your optional companion) £50 towards travel to a destination of your choice! We encourage you to travel somewhere which will benefit your well-being and enhance your creativity levels. Also if you document your Think Travel adventure e.g. via a journal or photographs, we would be happy to share your experiences on our blog and/or social media.

Not a member of Pop My Mind? Pop your email address in here to get in touch and we can help you join our lovely community and respond to this opportunity.

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Thanks for reading!

Written by Karis Lambert