The Power of the People! October 24, 2017

Its tough to get your artwork out there, but sometimes showing that you are a person with a strong creative personality helps.  Showing our ‘Human’ side helps the viewer connect with your artwork and understand your point of view.

Examples of this is filling in your Pop My Mind profile with enough detail to draw a viewer in. An artist statement, or bio would go a long way. Hearing about your past experiences, motivations, and passions  will help the viewer identify with you and your work.

Sharing pictures or videos of your studio space with you working in it helps, showing your process is an other way to connect with the viewer, for them to be able to say wow! I didn’t know you created your work like that! This could generate a following of people wanting to see your future process. For example here are a few pictures that other Pop My Mind artists have shared with us.

Having social media such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram is important to share your artwork with a wide range of people with the right hashtags. Interaction with your followers is key, you can network with like minded people through tweets and messages – it’s important to respond to your followers’ interactions too, mutual interest goes a long way.

Keeping up with your social media is a hard task but you will benefit for it, the more consistent you are with posting the more people will be become interested in you, and become invested in your future. By making this connection with the viewer you will gain followers and fans of your work. But it is important to quality control your feeds, if the quality of posts are bad people will not bite, for example high res picture, spell checking and making sure you stay on brand with your message is a must.

I hope this helps your practise and gain some super fans!!

Written by Sarah Tappenden.