The Building Blocks of a Perfect Brand x Artist Relationship January 18, 2018

Recently we gave you some tips on finding the right artistic talent for your projects. We wanted to give you even more insight into how to strike up a partnership with a creative person that will make successful and original marketing campaigns for your brand.

Here is what we think you should look for when finding an artist or creative to work with…

An authentic partnership

The key to any partnership is always a good relationship, and the same applies to working with artists. Don’t necessarily go for famous artists and big names just for the sake of it, because that isn’t enough to make a winning connection between your brand and theirs. Instead go for someone who’s work you genuinely love, who understands what you need and who you get on well with on a personal level. This will make working with them through future obstacles a lot easier.

Musician Audio Obscura and illustrator Sam Spicer formed a natural partnership during PMM’s recent exhibition Exploration and Investigation

Signature style

You want to build a distinctive style for your collaboration, so choosing an artist who has clear visual / audio strength is important. The best artists to work with are flexible enough to accommodate and adapt to your brief, but have their own creative flair that is recognisable to their followers, bringing their audience and yours together.

Extract of an artwork produced by Pop My Mind in collaboration with SM2Communicate for the Muscle Help Foundation charity. Artwork by Sander Steins, who remixed paintings by Jason Nunn and Angie the Rose.

Common interests and values

As well as finding a suitable match in terms of creative style and a natural rapport, finding someone who is also invested in your ethos, how your brand markets itself or the ethical issues you address is a huge plus. By choosing an artist who is already enthusiastic to work with you, they become an immediate ambassador of your brand and can talk easily about your products or USPs in interviews and videos etc.

For example, Lush’s ethical nature in terms of no animal testing utilised animal activist Jacqueline Traide for a distinctive window display performance piece, which raised international press attention. In other news, ASOS showcases the individual perspectives of some of their models to tap into diversity marketing in an original, intelligent and illuminating way in their ASOS Meets series.

You can find these natural ambassadors by searching for relevant social media hashtags, researching community or activist groups around the topic, or by doing specific call-outs for artists who focus on similar issues in their work.

Painting fused with digital text Art Can be a Weapon by Stephanie Nückel

Mutual Respect

A perfect collaboration also requires valuing each other’s skills and products. Just as the artist you’re working with needs to be emotionally invested in the work you do, you also need to admire their products and understand the huge value that they bring to the exchange. Consideration, gratitude, and paying the artist well for their input is all a part of this.

Don’t be fooled by cheap and cheerful content-producing websites – the best creativity is not cheap and it certainly isn’t free, and association with your brand is not a fair trade for an artist’s time and craftsmanship. If you want to work with an artist who produces high-quality work which will make an impact on your brand x artist campaign, mutual respect in this regard is key.

Photograph of painter Yasmin Sartin in her studio space. Photo supplied by the artist.

What to Do Next…

So we’ve established the key areas to look for when choosing an artist to work with on your next campaign in this article as well as some handy pointers our previous post. Hopefully this helps you find your match!

Next you need to set up your project guidelines, aims and set your creative campaign ready to go. Stay tuned for our next article on how to organise the best brand x artist collab, and good look utilising the power of creativity in your marketing activities!

Don’t have time to source artists yourself? No worries, we can do all of that for you. Contact Oliver for more info on 01473550411 or go to

Don’t forget the mark of a great collaboration is that you both finish a project wanting to do another one!

Featured image: Falling Diamonds by g-logical, who remixed a photograph by Andreea Andrei 

Written by Karis Lambert