Respond to Dance and be Featured by DanceEast! February 17, 2017

Pop My Mind is a creative forum where artists, writers and musicians can submit work inspired by what they see on our site. From there, other artists can submit work inspired by their art, creating a chain of inspiration and creation.

In order to see the Pop My Mind community’s work reach as many people as it can, we have formed some valuable partnerships with various companies, all of which you can view here.

One of our partners DanceEast have presented a new challenge to our artists  to dig into, in the form of video footage (below).

The film shows a sneak-peak of the dynamic performance ‘Material Men Redux’ – performed at DanceEast this month and choreographed by Shobana Jeyasingh. This captivating performance expresses themes like heritage and belonging. What kind of inspiration do these themes give you?

Your creative response could be in the form of dance, a piece of music, writing, video footage or artwork. Pop My Mind welcomes all kinds of art and celebrates its diversity. You only need to be inspired by the piece shown above.

Our Previous Partnership with DanceEast

A previous challenge by DanceEast invited the artists of Pop My Mind to respond to these images of a dance production called Leviathan.

This re-imagining of Herman Melville’s Moby Dick prompted six responses, each one visually stunning.

This image for example, is a response to Leviathan and the artist, Karis Lambert, has said that it took a whopping seventeen hours to complete.

This ink on paper art portrait is incredibly detailed and gives the feeling of movement whilst still expressing calmness and serenity.


Into the Vortex by Lizzie is another creative response to Leviathan. However, it has a completely different tone to Wave. Where Karis was using detail  to express joy in her image, Lizzie has used charcoal on printer paper to mimic water flow, creating an intense feeling. This is what makes the Pop My Mind community so special, the fact that a single piece of art can be interpreted in so many ways, producing responses that are so different yet all have a common theme.

This image, by Jason Nunn is a captivating oil on canvas painting. It was included in the inspiration for Karis’ Wave and it is easy to see the comparison between them. The detail in Daydreamer is so realistic, it could be mistaken for a photograph, which I actually did the first time I saw it. The tone, like Wave, is serene and extremely expressive. I can almost hear the sound of water when looking at it.

This piece went on to inspire Dreamer, which is a piece of music by Steve AppletonIt was also used in an exhibition that was held at DanceEast in November 2016.

Roseanne Ganley performing spoken word piece Mirrors  in front of Daydreamer by Jason Nunn

How to Get Involved

DanceEast is looking to choose three winning responses to the video footage of the performance Material Men Redux, included above. These chosen pieces of multidisciplinary artwork will be featured in a news article on their website and an exclusive letter which will be sent to all of their contacts. This is great way to get your work exposure and help engage with the public who have an interest in arts and culture!

If you think you have a response to this video that deserves attention, submit it here by the 27th of February. Or if you’re new to Pop My Mind, join us and see what our community could inspire you to create.

Written by Tamzyn Jackson