Pop of the Year! December 21, 2016

To mark the end of a year full of some amazing Pops, the Pop My Mind team have selected one piece to be named Pop of The Year 2016! We have chosen Music-Scape Test A by Mark Aaron.

The piece, uploaded in April 2016, beautifully and enigmatically shows how music can be transformed into visuals using imaginative and skilled creative expression.

A film still of the stunning animation

A film still of the stunning animation

Mark Aaron created this 36 second long moving digital art work in response to Gregor Anderson’s piano piece – Comfort.

When watching the video you can see a graph-like structure that reacts to the different pitches of Gregor’s piano playing – rising and falling, creating rippling waves and even mimicking the motions of piano keys. Mark describes it as, “A work-in-progress video of 3D virtual shapes responding to peaks in sound, part coded, part drawn, part generative art,”.

Take 36 seconds for yourself – enjoy the soothing sounds of Gregor’s piano playing and let your eyes get mesmerised by Mark’s Music-Scape Test A.


If you want to explore some other top pops of 2016 then please take a look at these recommended and highly commended works…





Indoctrination by Martin Swan - a response to the piece above by Sander Steins

Indoctrination by Martin Swan – a response to the piece above by Sander Steins



I Am You by Lerah Mae Barcenilla  (below)

I Am You.
You look up.
the pen glides across crumbling pages.
– and see silence.
Like an invisible string was drawn taut,
you feel your neck crane towards the skies,
eyes drawn towards the starless night.
You are a marionette.
You hear the pen scratching its way
against smooth paper.
There is something in the sky.
The ink murmurs. The ocean beckons
                                       you to come home.
And as if of their own will, you take a step
In front of you lies the ocean.
It whispers
                                                  You are –
pulled towards,
the dark blue water kissing the shore and only if you
could see you would fight back.
You –
the lightning scatters
in the distance like white pen
marks slicing its way across a black canvas.
                    You are me.
And then silence.
The pen halts in the sky and time topples over.
And now I hold the pen between cold fingers,
scribbling words across paper-thin sand.
                              I am –
ink in arcs across canvas skies, a glittering line of untold tales.
I – the sunlight sings,
chords like pale cobwebs
against sapphire.
          I am you.


Written by Laurel Berry

Curator of Pop My Mind