Pop My Mind’s Transition Exhibition January 24, 2017

From February 14th until the 17th, Pop My Mind’s guest curator Danielle Ash will be hosting an exhibition titled ‘Transition.’

The dynamic pieces of work being showcased will feature elements such as touch, scale and interaction as well as two live performance pieces.

Here is a sneak peek of some of the artwork you can expect to see at the exhibition!

This piece is called The Walkway and is intended to create an immersive effect. The artist, Sarah Pooley has described her work as ‘focusing on paintings which can be seen as a study of artificial simulations through the exploration of social spaces and their use of industrialised technology.’


Reidstra is a mixed media artist who has exhibited all around the world. She has posted five pieces of work to Pop My Mind and has inspired two more pieces to be created as a result. Her work has been said to ‘maintain tension and originality and yet radiates tranquility.’ The piece featured below is called Project Silver Maple Ballroom and comes in two parts. You can see both parts of her work at Pop My Mind’s Transition Exhibition on the 14th – 17th of February.


Oliver Squirrel, photographer and founder of Pop My Mind, has submitted more than twenty-five pieces of artwork. He created the piece above titled We Built This CityThis thought provoking image was submitted in November 2016 and went on to inspire a piece of audio artwork by newcomer Audio Obscurawhich you can listen to by following the link below.


The exhibition will be held at The Storey in Lancaster, which is a beautiful historical building and has just the right space for what Pop My Mind is working to achieve with ‘Transition’ – a huge space in which to bring together talented artists from all over the world and present you with their original responses to this theme. “Transforming an empty room into a one-off platform for both ‘young’ and established artists benefits everything and anything which enters the space,” – Danielle Ash, Pop My Mind’s Guest Curator

The Storey in Lancaster

This picture shows a previous exhibition in the space where the art for ‘Transition’ will be displayed. We are looking forward to seeing the transformative powers of these artists! You can find out more about The Storey here.

Lancaster University’s Exhibition in November 2015

Or better yet, come and see it in person at the Transition Exhibition here. Treat yourself to seeing some stunning and provocative artwork, or maybe even purchasing a piece this Valentines Day.

Until then, why not join us at See what artwork inspires you to create, and find out what your work inspires others to create.


Written by Tamzyn Jackson