Pop My Mind’s First Ever Writing Opportunity! August 3, 2017

Pop My Mind is a creative platform in which artists, musicians, photographers and writers can create work inspired by art pieces that they see on the site. They also offer many challenges in which the rewards are either money or prizes.

With this in mind, I am excited to present to you Pop My Mind’s first ever challenge that caters exclusively to the writers of our community!

Let’s get down to the details.

The starting point for this challenge, titled ‘What Do You Do Now?’, is a 500 word piece of writing. It’s not exactly a story; more like the beginning of one. Pop My Mind’s writers are challenged to respond to it with either another chapter of the story or perhaps a poem to accompany it.

The idea behind this is to create a kind of Rashomon effect. What this means is that the same story is told through many different and sometimes conflicting perspectives, which in turn, changes the story.

Without giving spoilers, I can tell you that if you decide to take part, the piece of writing you’ll be working off of describes a massive global event and goes into a few details about how society is reacting to it. There are many different aspects of this piece of writing for you to focus and expand on. You can make it dark and serious or you can make it uplifting. That’s the wonderful thing about perspective. It is all your own.

Photographers, painters and all kinds of visual artists make up a huge part of Pop My Mind’s community. Because of this, many of the challenges are perhaps more suited to visual artistry than other types. This challenge is different because it brings Pop My Mind’s writers to the forefront to show what they can really do!

Do not be discouraged if you’re not a writer. You can still respond to the challenge as well. Pop My Mind welcomes inspiration wherever it appears and in whatever form so check out this new challenge and see what kind of response you can create.

The deadline is Monday 4th September. That’s plenty of time to join Pop My Mind if you haven’t yet, so hurry up and do so here and you can be a part of this exciting new writing project.

What do you do now? Tell the story!


Written by Tamzyn Jackson