How Artists React to Change March 14, 2017

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When producing and analysis pieces of work, our minds are always connecting meanings and themes to those works. In this article we take a closer look at a number of pieces currently on the website which connect to the theme of ‘change’ and ‘adaptation’. Change is defined by how things become different, whilst adaptation looks at how we cope with changes.


Towards the Change Frederic Belaubre

Towards the change is an oil painting created by Frederic Belaubre in response to Pop My Mind’s prompt Change. Frederic’s writes about his piece saying “A long road, winding along the brambles. Sometimes, a small patch of blue sky opens at the bend of an escarpment, and already the night falls”. Frederic’s piece conveys the theme of change by creating a journey. Frederic has used the imagery of day turning into night to highlight how things will continuously change and we may have to experience times where our vision is clouded and we are unsure what is around the corner.


My Little Phoney Martin Swan 

In Martin’s piece My Little Phoney we see a portrayal of children toys under the influence of societal culture. Martin has constructed his piece by manipulating a toy unicorn, a baby doll and a skewer to create a disturbing image. Martin in response to his own work, poses the question “Are toys becoming more violent?” His piece shows how children toys have evolved over time, showing how culture in society has become more accepting of violence. By using children toys Martin has paid attention to how far we are willing to allow violence to make its way in into our nature.


Missing Girls – Sat

Looking at photography now, Missing Girls is a piece created by Sat, who has in response to the theme of change, highlighted ‘Need for Change’. Sat’s piece, in comparison to Martin and Frederic’s piece, look at the lack of change in the world to battle the issue of child trafficking. Sat states “The idea behind this is to highlight the Need for Change. An imminent Change is required within the society, intelligentsia, media and governmental agencies, the way we are dealing with Gender Displacements and subsequent issues like Girl Trafficking.” The use of blur in the photograph creates a sense that the subjects are not in a stable condition that they may disappear at any moment.


Change: The Shapeshifter – Julie O’yang

Julie’s work is a piece which is inspired by both Pop My Mind’s prompt but also Chinese history and culture. Whilst talking about how she constructed the piece, Julie said “This piece is made of many layers of thoughts, with the Chinese character “Change” 變 floating to the surface…its appearance is based on the famous 16th century shapeshifter Sun Wukong, commonly known as Monkey King.”

Julie wanted to “invite artists and art lovers around the world to interact with this piece. You may alter it in any way you like, based on your aesthetic judgement as well as your emotional experience.” This ink work is effective as its allows audiences to create multiple interpretations in response to it. It also shows how language and signs are becoming more and more connected!


Time Changes Things – Val Jones

Time changes things is a piece created by Val Jones which depicts a representation of Val’s memories of Bradgate Park. Val describes her memories as “Some happy, some painful” whilst commenting that it is “interesting to think of so many generations of visitors to whom this place means different things. It’s very beautiful and will continue to inspire people forever so its story is unfinished.” In relation to the theme of change, Val’s piece focuses on her nostalgia but also the memories others make over time at one of her favourite places. The use of acrylic on canvas means the piece has a thicker texture and brush strokes, again highlighting that the piece contains many layers to it.


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Written by Jack Bailey


Featured image by Sat