POP MY MIND FAQs – PART ONE… April 19, 2017

What is Pop My Mind

Pop My Mind is a newly developed online community for talented creatives from all disciplines – made by creatives for creatives. The aim is for artists of different disciplines to respond to each other’s work in order to experiment and build upon their creative practice. We also provide worth while exposure and paid creative opportunities to you which aim to give valuable rewards without sacrificing your creative vision.

How does it work?

The way it works is that artists are challenged to make new work in response to other pieces of work and themes on the website.

To do this, you browse the website and find something that gives you an idea or influences your next piece. You then create a new piece of work based on that idea, and upload it to the platform. Other people can then see / hear / read your piece and create something in response to that – therefore creating chains of creative dialogue between different artists’ work!

For example, a piece of music can be created in response to a painting, or a drawing in response to a film – we call this Popping!

Above (left to right) Storm System, Jurassic Coast by Mossy, inspired Storm Passing by Gretchen Warsen, inspired Storm Movement by Carolynne Moonie, inspired The New Storm Movement by Sander Steins.

Does it cost anything to join or submit work?

No! It is completely free.
Why? Because we believe in supporting creativity at no cost to the artists involved.

What’s the golden rule?

The golden rule is that all work uploaded to Pop My Mind must be created in response to another piece of content on the platform and is therefore a brand new piece of creativity. Any false Pops will be removed from the website immediately.

Why? We believe it is important for artists to keep stretching their creative muscles and not just keep reusing their existing portfolio. We’re all about creative progression.


Work above (left) by Hannah E Ward, Memory which inspired work above (right) |||||||||| by Jesse Bellon!

Who can join?

We are a curated website for talented creatives of all disciplines.

We welcome fine artists, illustrators, graphic designers, musicians, film makers, animators, writers, poets, dancers, performance artists and work which crosses disciplines or are ill-defined. Candlestick maker? We may still have a place for you! We also welcome people who work in post-production such as film editing and music production.

We are building a community who love to experiment and express ideas in a creative, innovative way. If you want to join our lovely group, drop Laurel an email at

Why should I join?

  • Be part of a creative dialogue – by responding to other people’s work and being an inspiration to other artists!
  • Develop your creative practice by stretching your creative muscles.
  • We are a tiny community of 600 people, so you will have a real impact on a growing organisation!
  • Being part of our community gives you access to creative opportunities which are exclusive to PMM users. These include being part of professional group exhibitions, getting valuable creative exposure through ourselves and our partners, and being paid fairly for your work.

Above image by Oliver Squirrell taken at Pop My Mind’s First Birthday Exhibition, 2016.

How do I join?

Since we are a small curated community, we like to have a chat before letting people into Pop My Mind to get to know you and your creative practice. To get in touch, simply click here and type in your name and email. Laurel will say hi within a few days.

We will then give you a token so that you can create an account. If you already have a token, you can use it here!

Part two coming soon…