PMM launches £300 art bursary for creatives January 8, 2018

Announcing an award we can all get excited about – a £300 monthly bursary to reward the bravest and boldest work made by Pop My Mind creatives, named the Invention Award 2.0.

The Invention Award is rewarded to two artists a month who have created a new piece of work in response to someone else’s on the website It is open to all members of the PMM community of all creative disciplines, emerging and established, UK-based or beyond!

Responding to direct feedback from our members, we have rejuvenated our award (previously a £50 bursary towards materials to one artist a month) to give our community what they dearly want!

What our community wanted…

Our community said: looking at work from other artists is the most inspiring thing

Our community said: affording or accessing materials is the main obstacle holding them back for creating more work

Our community said: having new experiences such as going on walks and going to exhibitions and events gets them out of creative block

Our community said: the thing they love doing most when not creating is spending time with family and friends

So the Invention Award now includes…

– £100 bursary towards creative materials, e.g. restocking paint, a year’s supply of software, a new desk, whatever!

– £100 bursary towards an experience by yourself or with friends and family. For example a theatre or dance show, travelling to an exhibition, attending life drawing classes, getting lost in the wilderness

– £100 towards a meal out with friends or family on us

We like to call it a Starving Artist package (for both starving and fully fed creatives) to reward our creatives for making new work in response to other people’s work on PMM.

Score for Sadness by Laure Van Minden. This won the first Invention Award 2.0 in November 2017

How it works

– Same as before, you respond to any piece of work of your choice on Pop My Mind

– We choose not one but TWO WINNERS at the end of every month

– We let you know you’re the winner and you have 3 months to spend your bursaries

– Pop My Mind will refund your moneys after you’ve bought or booked the meal, materials and event (though we will make allowances for special circumstances)

– Work in any medium (art, video, audio, writing, anything creative in-between) will be considered for the award

Why are we giving this away anyway?

As we constantly tell people, to the point that it must get quite annoying, we are extremely proud of the number of skilled and hard-working creative people who are part of our community, who tirelessly create work for the benefit of art’s progress. We wanted to give back to our creatives in a way that would truly benefit their creative practise and motivate them to keep doing what they love.

How to get involved

If you’re already part of our community, get yourself on and find a piece of work to Pop!

If you’re new to Pop My Mind and want to take part, all you have to do is join us (for free) and upload a new piece of work to the website to be considered. We’d love to have you on board.


Written by Karis Lambert