My Favourite Call-Outs June 12, 2018

I have always loved archives, looking at old entries, making connections and sifting through the ideas stored within. I have found that one of the great things to do on Pop My Mind is to look back over the old call-outs and see the wonderful responses our community has generated. They are all neatly collected together so you can view all the call-outs here. There is always inspiration to be found in the work on our site and I thought now would be a good time to share a few of my favourite call-outs and some of the stand-out responses.


Here we asked you to think about the theme of Transition, moving between situations or positions, that twilight state of the in-between. Anna’s  piece Honesty is among my favourite responses, in her description she writes how “the words metamorphosis, potential and growth come to mind when reflecting on these works, perhaps… mirroring my own state of transition from graduate to the beginnings of my professional artistic career”. The manipulation of natural material is transitional by its nature, and dried seed pods especially capture a moment in a plant cycle between living and dying. I love how a simple word can evoke such contemplative thinking and result in the production of such beautiful sculptures.



Culture & Diversity 

Another great starting point that you could really sink your teeth into, Culture is so much defined by the creative output of a population making it a perfect theme to explore. Sita Mistry’s Identity series of screen prints exploring the multicultural identity of Britain is as fascinating as it is exquisite. The complexities of the Paisley design intertwined with the Royal Coat of Arms makes for an alluring pattern highlighting the contradiction in the name given to the ornamental Paisley designs which have Persian origins. A thought provoking and intricately detailed exploration into the history of Empire and Colonialism through pattern and print.

10 Minute Challenge

This Call-Out challenged you to work under time pressure, something which can be a daunting task. However it is also a great way to focus the mind, just like sprinting is a good short burst of exercise for your muscles, tasks like this can be good training for creativity. Often I find this kind of challenge produces something completely unexpected as the time limit doesn’t allow for self-doubt. One of the responses I was drawn to was the piece OP43_0217V_ by HauerIn my own practice I work with wool and yarn so I always enjoy seeing people being creative with thread in new ways, but there is certainly something special about the gentle act of destruction captured in this video. The un-writing of words is very interesting, it isn’t quite the same as erasure as the meaning of the words and the physicality of the of the sewing leave something behind.



I’d love to know your favourite call-outs and so my challenge to you is to look through the past call-outs, find something that inspires you and post your response.

Written by James T