My Experience as part of Team Pop (Tamzyn’s story) November 13, 2017

Hello, lovely Pop My Mind Community!

My name is Tamzyn and I’ve been a member of this great community of artists for almost a year now. It’s around the time I joined Pop My Mind and started submitting poetry, that I also began to do some writing for the Pop My Mind blog.

The team consists of Oliver Squirrell, Laurel Warren and Karis Lambert.

As a recent English graduate, coming into a business and being a part of team like this was, in a word: scary. I’d never been a part of something like this before and to know that what I would be writing would be seen by, well anyone except myself, was definitely step out of my comfort zone.

Pop My Mind HQ is actually a very relaxed place to work. I was able to work from my own laptop instead of someone else’s, so I don’t need to worry that I’m going to hit the wrong button and the thing is going to catch fire. (Yes, this is something I think about when using other people’s computers). Also, the office is decorated with some of Pop My Mind’s recognizable art pieces including some pieces from the team themselves which always a good conversation starter.

I’m sure that we all feel this way from time to time but I must admit, I was pretty intimidated when I saw how artistic the Pop My Mind team are. But what I didn’t anticipate was that I would feel like a member of the team. Straight away. There’s a sense of community and equality in Pop Mind that extends to all its members and I immediately felt a part of it all.

Karis Lambert is, for all intents and purposes, my mentor. The first time she read a post I had written for the site, I was all nerves, studying her face as she read it searching for any hint of a frown or a sigh. Obviously, I was being a little dramatic. You can read (or hopefully, re-read) my first ever post right here.

Once I knew that I could do it, and do it well, I felt really inspired. Not by my own abilities but by you, the Pop My Mind community. I didn’t have my self-doubt as an obstacle anymore and was free to see, interpret and write about the very best that the Pop My Mind community has to offer.

I started off doing artists features; choosing some of Pop My Mind’s most active or prolific artists and giving a quick commentary on what they do and the kind of impression I got from it. It was when I began writing more about things like Pop My Mind’s exhibitions and paid opportunities, that I began to understand just how much you can really get out of being a member.

And then something really exciting happened. Together with Jack BaileyI was able to co-host my own Pop My Mind opportunity! It was called ‘What Do You Do Now?’ It was tailored for writers like myself and was probably the most nerve-wracking thing I had done since watching Karis read my first blog post.

I’ve been contributing to Pop My Mind from behind the scenes for about a year now and I’ve seen the platform grow so much and have been able to contribute so much. Not as an intern or a volunteer but as real member of Team Pop. I’m excited for what it will be like a year from now.


And thank you, Pop My Mind community, for being such a source of inspiration. You really know how to keep the words flowing.

Written by Tamzyn Jackson