Month of Mindfulness: find tranquility with our latest theme May 2, 2017

One of our current themes on Pop My Mind is the Tranquil challenge, where we are asking artists to unwind, have fun and take us to your peaceful place through your creative expression. Tranquil means to be free from disturbance, but as we move into May it’s also time to think about the month of mindfulness where we consider others people’s well-being as well as our own health and the environment.

In this article we will look at some of the current pieces that have been submitted to this theme and how the artists have conveyed their interpretation of the word ‘tranquil’.


Skylines 天涯 Mystline ミスト

Image taken from the track Skylines 天涯 by Mystline ミスト. Follow the link to track here.

Skylines 天涯 is an audio track created by musician Mystline ミスwho was inspired by Japanese DJ Nujabes whilst producing the track. Nujabes was a DJ who used a hip-hop vibe in his music and in Mystline’s track a similar atmosphere can be heard and felt. The idea of skylines fits in well with the Japanese background as we think of cities like Tokyo, but also seeing the image Mystline’s has used, the atmosphere created is that of the night-time where city life has started to sleep and the skyscrapers are the only things that surround us as we walk through the empty streets.


Freedom SongsSat

Freedom Songs is a photo collage constructed by using double exposure created by artist Sat. In Sat’s words “tranquil is the most elevated state of human mind when it is at one with the nature… to me this state could only be attained when we are free from all sort of bondage, that binds us or restricts us”. In the piece, the presence of the birds relays that message of being free and escaping the troubles that hold us back. The use of photograph manipulation here creates a more surrealistic feel and we get that sense that the image before us is dreamlike.


Tiptoe Sophie Banks

Sophie’s piece Tiptoe is a work created through the surrealist technique of automatic drawing in which the artist draws without thinking, straight from their unconscious mind. Sophie said that to create this piece she put herself “in a relaxed state”, which is helped by listening to music. Using ink as her medium, Sophie work has resulted in an ambiguous yet fascinating piece of art. Speaking about her the finished piece Sophie commented that “I find this to be tranquil as it relaxes me but also the outcome in this piece reminds me of connection, water and looks like people tiptoeing or dancing on water.”


Blue 1 Sita Mistry

Keeping with the theme of water, we now will be looking at Blue 1 a piece created by Sita Mistry. Sita’s work was inspired by the idea of the sea and how when the water is calm it exudes a sense of tranquility. The piece was created by pouring acrylic and water over a canvas to mimic the spontaneous and uncertain nature of the sea. The result is a piece that captures the image of the ocean with the mixture of blue and white colours prominently sticking out.

We hope you have enjoyed the works shown in this article and are feeling relaxed as we move into the month of mindfulness.


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Written by Jack Bailey


Featured image:  Freedom songs by Sat