Meet the Artist – Bethany Freer Talks about her Creative Process December 20, 2017

This month we got in touch with the talented Bethany Freer to create a ‘Meet the Artist’ video with us!

Give the video a watch to find out more about Bethany’s art technique, what gets her inspired and what she has to say about Pop My Mind (lots of good things, thanks Bethany!).

“It’s not just being part of the community. You are valued as an artist.”

Currently studying a Fine Art degree at Norwich University of the arts, Bethany is at a prime stage of exploring and experimenting with materials and mediums, adapting and changing skills to fit both practise and commissioned projects.

“Just from posting (on Pop My Mind)… it opens up the doors to so many opportunities.”

Bethany’s work can appear in a diversity of forms, from traditional drawing and paintwork to sculpture, video and animation.

Find out more about Bethany over on her website or see more of Bethany’s work on Pop My Mind.

Written by Liv Penny