Liv(e) long and prosper! November 7, 2017

Hi, I’m Liv! I go by many names such as Olivia, Livvy, Oh-Livvy-Ay (a personal favourite, which makes me sound ten times fancier than I am) and my mum even sometimes embarrassingly calls me Tim… Don’t ask.

I’m super excited to start working with Pop My Mind as their Creative Assistant and have been asked to introduce myself in form of a blog post! So… HELLO! I’m 23, a huge Noel Fielding and leopard print fan, born in Chelmsford but spent most of my important growing up years in the depths of the Suffolk countryside.

For the past couple of years I have been filming and editing videos, mainly music based. These videos would normally consist of either interviewing musicians, creating promos, filming full-length concerts and sometimes even making the odd music video.

Here’s a small example of just some the projects I’ve worked on this year in my latest showreel:

Something else I like to do when I’m looking to get inspired again, other than having a huge Wes Anderson binge, is to download a bunch of copyright free footage, usually old cartoons and documentaries, layer them up, edit them to my heart’s content and put it along to music that I’m enjoying.

Below is a video that I made for an American musician called Tyler Houser and his song ‘Love is Dumb’ using footage from documentaries about space and time, the human body, old episodes of Betty Boop, retro TV adverts and much more!

There is something I really, really like about using old footage and I often try to incorporate that style into other projects I work on. Just like the video I edited for Fick as Fieves‘ track ‘Label Us’, where I was given free roam to see what I could make with the footage. I had a LOT of fun.

I’m hoping that my video making skills will make an impact on Pop My Mind and will inspire more people to get involved experimenting with different types of media. I’m looking forward to seeing what ideas you can come up with and how this can influence me in my work too!

If you would like to get involved and don’t have a Pop My Mind profile, join here!