It’s not goodbye, it’s see you later! June 21, 2018

Dear Pop My Mind community,

The time has come for me to say “see you later” as I’ll be going on Maternity Leave as of this Friday!

To say it’s going to be strange not working on Pop My Mind for the next 9 months is an understatement. Almost as strange as the time we went to a tip to find bits and bobs to make corporate artistic gifts from…

A lot has happened since I first joined Oliver as Pop My Mind’s first employee back in Nov 2015! One of my favourite memories is Oliver first telling me about the concept of Pop My Mind as he showed me around Pop My Mind’s first ever exhibition in Ipswich Town Hall. I fell in love with the idea of artists bouncing off of each other’s work to help develop their practice and the notion of the work doing the talking. The exhibition used QR codes to link digital & audio work to paintings and sculptures.

Above a picture from the very first Pop My Mind exhibition.

I remember standing in front of Sarah Tappenden‘s painting Wave and listening to Wave Sonification which Liam Taylor created in response. It was a completely different experience to any exhibition I’d been to before. Keep popping guys, it’s what makes Pop My Mind so special!

Here’s an artwork from the week I joined…

Inside & Out by Sam Spicer

And here’s an artwork from the week I’m going on maternity leave….

Another artwork by Sam Spicer, Usque Ad Finem.

Top 5 things I’m going to miss about Pop My Mind whilst I’m on leave

  1. Checking the Pop My Mind website every morning for new uploads (I’ll definitely still be doing this)
  2. Getting the down low from the Think Tanks and hearing all the cool ideas to come out of them
  3. Working with our incredible video partner White Collar Videos on exciting new projects (more coming soon!)
  4. That feel good feeling when we select the Invention Award Winner for the month and know that artist has got a £300 bursary to enjoy!
  5.  And of course, my wonderful colleagues who make every day a joy and make me question, “am even at work?!”

Here are 3 of my favourite Pops…

The Day When All Being will be Free by Matlakas


The Britannia by Jordan Cook



Like I say, it’s going to be very strange stepping back from work, that been said I’m sure those ickle ickle toes will help ease the pain!

My scheduled return to work is April 2019, which feels very far away. In the meantime, the wonderful Lindsay is stepping into my shoes as Project Manager and will be the one reaching out to you with exciting commercial opportunities.

Be good!

Love, hugs & Pops