Invention Award Winners Jan 2018 February 2, 2018

We are delighted that Pop My Mind now gives out not one but TWO £300 bursaries every month to support our community’s creative careers!

The award recognises truly innovative work made by the Pop My Mind community in response to other pieces on the website. To find out more click here.


The winners of Invention Award January 2018 are…

Bethany Jane Freer with her piece Plastic Daydreams

The way that Beth interpreted Sam Spicer‘s piece The Fragile Tower in both form and concept is very intelligent and thoughtful. Every element of the piece has been considered in relation to the theme, from the objects that have been cast, to the subtle feminine colour scheme, making it an unusual and striking piece.

Our other very worthy winner of the Invention Award January 2018 is…

Elika Bo with her piece Digital Soul 

We thought this piece was truly stunning and a very clear conceptual response to Emma Hampson’s piece Ella whilst still bringing an imaginative personal perspective. The method of using paint, mixed media and scanning techniques is completely unique and we think nicely represents the boldness and creativity of the Pop My Mind community!

Congratulations to both our winners, here is a reminder of what they have won…

  • £100 bursary towards creative materials, e.g. restocking paint, a year’s supply of software, a new desk, whatever!
  • £100 bursary towards an experience by yourself or with friends and family. For example, a theatre or dance show, traveling to an exhibition, attending life drawing classes, getting lost in the wilderness
  • £100 bursary towards a meal out with friends or family on us!


Runners up

We absolutely loved these pieces as well, they were serious contenders!

Digital Space by Laura Elmer 
This was Laura’s first Pop and a really strong reaction to Elika’s piece. We’d strongly recommend you give it a watch and a comment to encourage her to keep uploading great work!

Simple connections + by g-logical
Abyss by Thaffy
In the Shadows of Tomorrow by TMA
Eye Catcher by Monique de Brock-Bol


Check back at our blog in a couple of months to see how Elika and Bethany have spent their bursaries!