Introduction to ambient music with artist Mystline ミスト January 5, 2018

Music producer and guitarist Mystline ミスト has been popping minds on Pop My Mind for over a year with their incredible ambient audio tracks. Mystline ミスト  creates many of their pieces in the music software Fruit Loops Studio, which allows them to create and sample music digitally.

Fear – Mystline ミスト

Mystline’s Fear was created in response to Pop My Mind’s own prompt ‘Fear’. The track is an instrumental piece which aims to capture a horror atmosphere which is created by the line of static throughout the piece that unsettles the listener. As the track progresses into the middle section, both high notes and loud, low pitched noises are present which seem to replicate the sound of bells. The piece has a rhythm which conveys a sense of urgency and the clashing notes share a similar pattern to a clock ticking, again giving a feeling of time running out. Mystline wanted the piece to have a Resident Evil vibe, being a horror game where you never know what lies around the corner we think Fear manages to achieve that vibe brilliantly.


Nostalgia – Mystline ミスト

The next piece Nostalgia is an instrumental piece which has a chilled hip-hop beat. The track was created in response to theme Healing and Mystline’s way of healing is to remember the good things of the past, saying that “[the song] has a very chill vibe that can relax you and make you think about the good times in life”. The song also has a jazzy tone created by the implementation of saxophone and piano. The short repeated motif helps creates a sense of remembering and aids in creating a nostalgic atmosphere.


And never let go – Mystline ミスト

In Mystline’s piece And never let go, much like in Nostalgia, there is a hip-hop vibe created by the use of synthesised beats and incorporation of sampled vocals. Mystline’s description for this piece is “just a song that makes you feel some kind of way” and with the prominent beats, it is like they are representing heart beats. The idea behind the track seems to be trying to capture the feeling you have when you find something that creates an emotional response from you. The repeated sounds help the listener focus on that specific feeling and helps keep it at the forefront of your mind.


Baptism by fire – Mystline ミスト

Image: Remembering – Sarah Bale

Finally the track Baptism by fire, inspired by Sarah Bale’s Remembering, is an instrumental that tries to encapsulate the fears and feelings of soldiers and people who are affected by war. The piece starts with the incorporation of sampled sounds and voices of soldiers accompanied with a single repeated 1-bar melody. The melody line transforms as the piece progresses and the sounds of bombs become clear. Around the 2 minute mark the music silences to a piece of speech as the soldiers get ready to battle, with the piece ending as a bomb falls. The drum roll present mimics the sound of soldiers marching and helps in creating the battle atmosphere which is really effective in capturing that image.

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Written by Jack Bailey

Featured Image: And never let go – Mystline ミスト