Introducing Steve Joyce: Exploring Negative Space in Printmaking and Collage January 26, 2017

Pop My Mind is a creative forum where artists, musicians, writers, painters and creatives of any kind can post their work inspired by the work they see, hear or read on the site. From there, their work can inspire other pieces. Learn more about how Pop My Mind works or check out some the artwork here.

Artist and Lecturer Steve Joyce has been a member of Pop My Mind since October 2015 and has posted nine pieces of work, inspired by various photographs, music and oil on canvas artwork.

Mind Drop was Steve’s first piece of artwork and won the badge for Staff Pick! This image was created using photographs cut and merged together. This appropriately represents the uncertainty and subjectivity of memory. The people and places we remember are usually attached to something else to fill the gaps in our memory. So the idea that nothing in our mind is certain, even if it happened only a day ago, is very interesting. The artist commented that ‘I stopped at a point where I felt some kind of closure might emerge but left it hanging, as memories are often uncertain.’ It seems like a complex topic to approach but Steve has managed to depict it in a way that provokes deep thought and gives a feeling of nostalgia.

Discursive 4 is an image also made from cut photographs and was made in response to Absence of Signs by Photograd

This piece of artwork went on to inspire this image by Lindsay Elise Jolly.

Lindsay’s image is a panoramic photograph instead of multiple images merged together. But you can still see elements of Steve’s Discursive 4 in the picture. The wonder of Pop My Mind is that you can see artwork gradually change based on how it is interpreted by others. The same theme represented in a million different ways can still tell the same story, only from a different perspective.

Discursive 4 is the fourth in a 4-part project on Pop My Mind. You can see parts one, two and three on his profile here. Two of the pieces in the Discursive project were exhibited in various Pop My Mind exhibitions.

TransitionSteve’s latest piece of artwork, was made using photograph etching on paper. This vivid piece is reminiscent of Steve’s style of work and went on to inspire this piece by Sander Steins.

Although the two pieces of artwork are extremely different, the practice of merging multiple layers is key in each image. Each artist has used collage and produced something really thought provoking.

You can see more of Steve’s work on Pop My Mind or on his blog.

Feeling inspired? Respond to Steve’s work by joining us at Or create something of your own and watch your story get told from a multitude of perspectives, be it music, video or poetry.


Written by Tamzyn Jackson