Inflated Inspirations: a balloon art installation not to be missed! June 29, 2017

There is a unique installation titled Inflated Inspirations coming to Ipswich this summer which cannot be missed!

About the Exhibition

VIP Balloons will be creating an immersive installation in Waterfront Gallery (inside the University of Suffolk Waterfront Building) and opening it for the public to explore and enjoy. This ten day exhibition will also be accompanied by an exciting programme of events for both adults and families to enjoy.

The balloon art will be fashioned around the shape of a forest, with various large and small-scale elements to make up the final piece which fills the whole gallery! Have you ever seen a balloon installation before? Prepared to be amazed by the skill and ambition of this piece!

This installation is kindly sponsored by Kerseys Solicitors.


Where Does Pop My Mind Come In?

VIP Balloons is collaborating with us to generate additional ideas for this installation – a perfect match for two Ipswich-based business in the creative industries! VIP Balloons carefully selected some local creatives from the Pop My Mind community to inspire some elements of the installation and bring another creative edge to the event activities. The contributing artists are…

Jessi Brown designed ‘The Pop’, our logo for Pop My Mind. This icon will be the centrepiece of the main tree in the installation, the tree itself representing the process of inspiration on Pop My Mind that branches from this initial piece of content.

Emily Godden will be displaying her virtual forest on the launch party to press and friends of the exhibition. It is a must-see if you have never experienced virtual reality before!

Luke Mayo‘s written piece The House of the Mind will feature in one of the balloon art pieces…visit the exhibition to find out how! He will also be performing a spoken word piece at the closing night.

Roseanne Ganley will be performing a spoke word piece created in response to the exhibition at the launch night of the event. You should also keep an eye out for an interview with her in the local press…

Liam Taylor will be applying his creative sampling and music production skills to record the set up and take-down of Inflated Inspirations. He will be making this into a bespoke music track based on the sound of balloons.

Anthony Wooding‘s piece Green Man will be used in a large wall sculpture made out of balloons. See how a painting can be reinterpreted using balloons!

How to Get Involved

  1. Be a balloon artist! Certified Balloon Artist, Samuel Stamp-Dod and his team of professionals will be installing the exhibition and is inviting members of the public to sign up and get hands-on experience being a balloon artist! This is a great opportunity for anyone wanting to be involved in local arts events, expand their creative portfolio, or just try something new and unusual.
  2. Perform at Inflated Inspirations! Do you perform as part of your creative practise? We would love you to join us for the opening night and perform a short piece. We accept all forms of performance, including dance, performance art, spoken word or live music – the only condition is that it must be children friendly, and must relate to the theme of a forest or the installation itself.
  3. Sign up to an event. There is an awesome programme of events in the daytime and evening when the exhibition is running. Have a look and see if there is anything that you and your friends or family fancy.
  4. Come see the exhibition! The exhibition is completely free to visit and is an amazing opportunity for you to marvel at balloon artistry in your local town.

Details of the Exhibition

The installation will be open to the public at…

Friday 28th July – Monday 7th August

11am and 5pm everyday except Sundays

Waterfront Gallery, Waterfront Building,  19 Neptune Quay,

University of Suffolk, Ipswich, IP4 1QJ


Featured image: Green Man by Anthony Wooding

Written by Karis Lambert