How to Spend a £300 Bursary… July 17, 2018

Eight months ago we launched our Invention Award – to reward the outstanding creativity being made by our community every day on Pop My Mind. Since then, 15 creatives have put their £300 bursary money towards some fantastic things.

Read on to find out what treats these artists have gained through their Pop My Mind bursary, and perhaps it will inspire you in your next creative project!

Pop My Mind’s bursary has contributed towards…

  • Projectors
  • DSLR cameras
  • Ink, fine liners and paint brushes
  • Notebooks and sketchbooks
  • New paint
  • Video synth tech
  • Power tools
  • ON1 Photo RAW software

  • Day trips out in London
  • Visiting the Royal Academy Exhibition
  • Seeing some giant horse sculptures and the Zaha Hadid building up in Scotland
  • A photography exhibition of Michael Wolf
  • The Gemeente Den Haag museum card
  • Trips to the Tate
  • Entry into the Milwaukee Art Museum
  • Pride festivals

  • Romantic dinners
  • Many, many family meals
  • Milkshakes, beers, burgers, breakfasts, ribs, nachos, dim sum, cocktails, coffee and risotto balls!

  • Creative workshops
  • Online courses
  • Art residencies
  • Curation tools and exhibition promotion
  • Photography prints for an exhibition
  • And £300 given to charity by one very kind artist

“A big THANK YOU to you and the Pop My Mind team! My work is has been shifting and evolving recently so for it to be acknowledged that way is an honour and incredibly confidence boosting.”
Laure Van Minden (pictured above), first Invention Award 2.0 Winner in November 2017

What you actually get from the award

When we were creating the award at Pop HQ, we tried to think of what would be really exciting to receive as people and artists. That’s why we chose a three-pronged bursary – with £100 each going towards art materials or equipment, a meal out with family and friends, and a cultural event for you and a friend.

It delights us when we see our ideas making our artistic community happy, giving them good memories and useful tools to keep developing their creative practise. Thanks to all the artists who have fed back to us on how they’ve used the award!

A unique thing happened whilst offering the award: instead attending art events (as offered as part of the award), a few artists asked to put the money towards creating their own events! For example, Bethany Freer curated a whole exhibition using the bursary to promote it. Drew Burrett put the money towards projectors to create immersive video installations, and Elika Bo used it to print off her photography work for an exhibition.

Top: projection work by Drew Burrett. Bottom: U20pia Exhibition by Bethany Freer

“Thank you again for the prize from Pop My Mind, it has really helped and the materials I have been able to purchase has truly enabled my work to move out of the realm of the computer and into the gallery space.”
– Drew Burrett, Invention Award winner April 2018

The resourcefulness and creativity of our community members never ceases to inspire us!

How to win the award

Winning our monthly bursary is very simple. You just have to Pop someone else’s work to be in with a chance of winning. (By ‘Pop’ I mean be inspired by someone else’s work, create a response to it, and upload it onto

If you’re not already part of Pop My Mind, you can join our community here to take part in many more paid and showcasing opportunities like this.

You can find out more about our Invention Award award here. If you’re hoping to win it yourself, check out our list of tips for some more insight into our selection process.

Don’t forget…

We will only be awarding one person an award in August since 50% of the bursary money is going towards the exciting Scale It Up call-out. Please bare that in mind when creating artwork – and perhaps you’ll want to take a shot of the Scale It Up award too – but remember there is still a great chance of you winning in August!

And lastly

Thank you to every person who has Popped in the last 8 months, and everyone who has supported the winning artists too. We look forward to seeing what the next month’s award winning Pops will be!

Snaps of our happy artists enjoying their bursaries: Sam Spicer and friend, Martin Swan, and Bethany Freer and friend

Many thanks to the artists who contributed to this article with their inspiring photos:

Laure Van Minden

Monique de Brock-Bol

Bethany Freer

Concept 23

Sam Spicer

Liam Taylor

Drew Burrett

Martin Swan (featured image)