How to Melt Borders with Matlakas December 4, 2017

Last month we picked the amazing Matlakas as our winner of our monthly bursary the Invention Award for his piece Melting Borders! Matlakas is an Italian artist who came to London in 2006, establishing his first studio and at the same time operating with intervention for various events and residencies worldwide.

Find out more about Matlakas’ Melting Borders project in his video:

About the Artist

“I am a performance artist who’s work based in the responsibility as an artist towards all living species and the conscious development of how to be a full human being in order to live life properly.”

Matlakas has been participating to Moscow Biennale, 2010, Gwangju Biennale, 2014 but he has also done a lot of work regarding the current issue of the refugee crisis – working closely with people from Palestine and South Africa as well as his own independent work by creating street interventions related to the issue.

Matlakas is a performance artist, creating a platform for thinking and openly discussing the possibility of growth though his bold public works. And on top of all of that, Matlakas is also a painter and a mosaic artist – having contributed some incredible paintings to Pop My Mind in response to themes and other creatives’ work.

Some of our favourite works from Matlakas:

Matlakas is currently doing a crowdfunding campaign to take his piece to the US! You can help melt borders here.

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