How to Make the Most Out of Pop My Mind December 8, 2016

Pop My Mind is created for artists of all disciplines – fine artists, music producers, film makers, writers, and everything in between. We provide emerging and established creatives with some great opportunities to get exposure, develop your practise and make some money from your work.

Here are five ways to make the most out of Pop My Mind

1) Check out the Seeded Themes

The Seeded Themes section of the website is full of ideas for you to explore. A lot of them are attached to great opportunities to get some new eyes / ears on your work. These include publicity on our social media channels and PMM publication, exhibition and live event exposure, and opportunities to collaborate with other PMM users.

Click here to see the latest themes.


A selection of the Seeded Themes on Pop My Mind

2) Have a look at our Pops that Pay

Pops That Pay is a new edition to our website, offering commercial opportunities to our creatives. These all come from us or businesses looking for creative content.

Keep an ear to the floor (or an eye on your Pop My Mind emails) to keep track of these exciting opportunities to give you some hard-earned cash for your work.

Click here to see our current Pops That Pay.


The winning piece of our previous Pops That Pay ‘Data Goldmine’: Am I Feeling Social Yet by Brad Crawford


3) Take a shot at the Invention Award

Forget about the themes and tap into true inspiration. Find a piece of work that inspires you on Pop My Mind and respond to it – it’s what we’re here for!

Every upload that is created in response to another piece of work on the site (not a theme or opportunity) will be considered for the Invention Award prize. The most creative and experimental content for that month will receive £50 towards equipment or materials to help your creative practise.

Need some more guitar strings? Here’s your chance!

Click here to see the latest Pops to respond to.


A previous winning piece for the invention award, Bethany Walker’s 3D work BOOM


4) Guest Curation

Interested in event management? Be part of the Pop My Mind team and become a voluntary guest curator!

You will have the opportunity of putting on a creative event using work from Pop My Mind. This could be a gig, a collaboration event, an exhibition, or anything which will involve creative people in your local community and Pop My Mind users.

Speak to Pop My Mind’s curator Laurel for more information.


Artist Carlos Fernandes at our Motion Exhibition in November 2016

5) Have fun!

Pop My Mind is whatever you want it to be – utilise it to have fun with your creativity. Feel free to use Pop My Mind to engage with a wider creative community, experiment, and produce work outside of your comfort zone.

Click here to explore the content at random and get inspired!


Pop My Mind artist Steve Joyce putting on a workshop at our Revolution Exhibition in October 2016

If there is something that you can’t find on Pop My Mind which you want to be, talk to me (Karis – Pop My Mind’s community manager) to bounce ideas around.

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Written by Karis Lambert