Hi, from Sarah Tappenden. June 27, 2017

Hello! I am Sarah Tappenden an artist that was with Pop My Mind from the very beginning; one of my paintings was the first to be uploaded to the platform titled Wave. Wave was inspired by Joy it has had 28 pops, making it the 4th most popped and my profile is favourited by 18 people. I am now volunteering / working with PMM on their blog and wellbeing projects!

So a little bit about my practise: I specialise in abstract expressionist painting that I developed from my time at university doing the BA in Fine Art. I am currently doing, a MA in Fine Art at Suffolk University. My work is organic and is evolving all the time.

The concept behind my work is to create work in response to my mental illness; I suffer from depression, anxiety and Bipolar disorder. It is difficult to function on an everyday level with such illnesses so I use art as an outlet for the struggles that face me. I find that art is a friend and a helping hand for hard times and I would like to share this with others.

I have started a project with pop my mind, creative thoughts, a mental health inspired exhibition in collaboration with Roseanne Ganley, Pop My Mind’s wellbeing officer. Roseanne and I will be making artwork inspired by mental health and each other’s work on the Pop My Mind platform that will be open to all members to pop! With the opportunity to exhibit with us in August!

I very much look forward to seeing the works made in response to our challenge and to talk more about mental health and breaking the stigma behind the lack of conversation on mental health and the challenges faced by living with such illnesses.

If you would like to get involved and don’t have a Pop My Mind profile join us here.

Written by Sarah Tappenden.