Hello Pop My Mind May 14, 2018

Hello Pop My Mind,

I’m JamesPop My Mind‘s newest team member and in the future you should be hearing more from me, so its time I introduced myself. I’m 21, an artist and a proud graduate of NUA, where I studied with the wonderful Lindsay and had a great time learning and developing a practise.

In my work I’m particularly interested in folklore and folk geographies, I love exploring esoteric narratives and historic sites to inspire my practise. My favourite medium is crochet, from small scale woollen experiments to large twine sculptures I enjoy using this traditional craft to make art that an audience wants to touch, pull or play with. Getting hands on with art is the goal, making strange shapes, new textures to interact with and grappling with new ideas.

Looking around the website I was intrigued by Monique de Brock-Bol’s Escaping the Frame this monotone photo collage feels like the first age of a story. Its minimal aesthetic still feels so rooted in the fantastic with the sense of freedom and movement beyond the borders of the natural world. There’s a similar consideration of fantasy in Erradum the Blind from Francisco FonsecaI enjoyed how the idea of Earth has been captured in this anthropomorphic creature. I wouldn’t know where to begin with modelling a character in 3D which is impressive enough but the design draws on the idea of this figure as a guardian of earth, suggesting some mythic backstory for this rock and animal cryptid.

Getting to see the experimentation and thoughts of all kinds of creators is so appealing and one of the real draws of Pop My Mind. Making new work around so many so many other creatives was for me the best part of university, the atmosphere of the studio, artists all in one space sharing ideas. I think working here at Pop My Mind and chatting to everyone on the website has that same feeling of collaboration and encouragement. I’m excited to get involved with this creative community, watch it grow and looking forward to seeing all the great works that get produced.

So go get inspired and get popping.


– James Tomlin