Hello London: vlog by Invention Award winner Bethany Freer July 18, 2018

In our previous article we explored the many exciting ways in which our award-winning artists have spent their bursaries after winning the Pop My Mind Invention Award. This included gallery visits, sculpture trails and attending other contemporary cultural events to expand their creative practice.

However, Bethany Freer took it to a whole new level: using the award to fund a multi-tiered day out for her and a friend, visiting the hot-spots of art and culture in our capital. In this vlog she shows us her experience: soaking in the sights of the Saatchi Gallery, Tate Modern, London Pride, and Camden.

Watch it all below!

Some snaps of Beth’s day…


For even more inspiration on what to do with your bursary, check out our previous post to see what our other artists have spent their winnings on.

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Otherwise, happy Popping!


Video editing by Bethany Freer

Music: Sailing by Markus Hamre (Thaffy)