Gretchen Warsen on Overcoming Creative Block January 5, 2018

Creative block happens to the best of us and can be a demoralising experience! We start asking ourselves soul-searching questions such as “have I lost my creative spark?” and “how will I ever succeed if I can’t come up with a creative solution?”. The truth is creative block can strike the path of even the most successful Marketer or Creative Director BUT there are a few techniques you can try to overcome this “blip” as quickly as possible.

We’ve been catching up with a number of our artistic talents from Pop My Mind to ask for their insights for overcoming creative block.

Meet U.S. based abstract artist Gretchen Warsen

Gretchen successfully uses Instagram to market herself and her beautiful nature-inspired watercolour and ink paintings (give her a Follow)!
Fun Fact: Gretchen is right-handed, but she draws and paints with her left hand or sometimes both hands at the same time!


Gretchen’s Top Tips for Over Coming Creative Block…

  • Ask “what if” questions. I try to return to the way I felt as a kid when I would just draw for fun – no worries, just wondering and trying things out. I find that if I ask myself, “I wonder what would happen if I tried mixing these colors, or creating my own creature or fantasy dessert or if I crumpled the paper first?” it really opens up new ideas, even if the first try isn’t “post-worthy.”


  • Make as much work as possible. I have to admit, Instagram has really changed my motivation for making art as often as possible and the more art I make, the more I learn–especially from the “failures”. Participating in the challenges posted by other artists, seeing how they progress in their art, and hearing feedback seems to keep me going into the studio on a consistent basis, whether I feel inspired at first or not.


  • Set rules. There is nothing so intimidating as the infinite possibilities of a blank page–it can be paralyzing! If I approach the “blank beast” armed with a rule or a set of limitations, (only use straight lines, only work in 3 colors, draw with both hands at the same time, etc.), then the ideas seem to come more readily.



  • Look at nature up close. A daily walk outside with an intentionally open mind and heart helps my eyes find the beauty in the little things.


  • Listen to other artists. I’m addicted to podcasts! I feel like I can’t wait to get to my studio when I hear other artists talk about materials, process and their lives. Favorites: The Jealous Curator: Art for Your Ear, The Savvy Painter, Your Creative Push, and John Dalton: Gently Does It.


  • New Supplies. Sometimes all it takes is a new pen or a color I’ve never tried before!



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