Grayson Perry joins Suffolk-based arts business Pop My Mind April 1, 2018

Renowned British contemporary artist Grayson Perry has joined the curated community of Pop My Mind in order to inspire and support the artists involved in the enterprise.

Having met Pop My Mind’s Marketing and Communication Manager Karis Lambert at a university talk in 2015, Perry was first introduced to Pop My Mind when Karis joined the team. The official partnership was founded at the start of 2018, and will involve Perry uploading examples of his work to the website for other community members to be inspired by and respond to in their own artistic mediums.

Karis Lambert said: “We are thrilled that Grayson decided to come on board as part of our humble community. As a British cultural icon whose work we greatly admire, we think he’s a perfect fit for our aspiring artistic community and we have some fantastic projects in store together. Not to divulge too many details, but these might involve an outdoor exhibition, a Harry Potter tribute band and a colony of white mice.”

Perry was quoted saying that Pop My Mind was “the best artistic community ever,” and that, “the website is a bit rough around the edges, but the artists have real spirit, style and community.” He continued, “the staff at Pop My Mind are an extremely talented and attractive bunch of young people. It will be a delight to work with them in the future […] particularly since they also understand the struggles of curation and share a love of cats.”

Keep an eye on for Grayson Perry’s profile and first artwork coming soon – providing a means for the artists of Pop My Mind to respond directly to the famous artist’s portfolio.

About Pop My Mind

A young business based in the Waterfront Studios, Ipswich, Pop My Mind is a hub of artistic talent for emerging and established artists from across the world. These artists (including fine artists, musicians, filmmakers and writers to name a few), respond to one another’s artwork, as well as creative opportunities, in order to experiment and push the boundaries of their practise.
Image courtesy of Timeout London



Sorry folks but this article was false, made for an April Fools prank in 2018. We hope it amused some of you and yes, we would dearly love Grayson to join our community and are trying our hardest to get in touch with him!

Love Karis