Fly high with this fantastic opportunity for visual artists! March 29, 2017

Pop My Mind is a curated online platform that challenges artists, aspiring and established, to create work in any medium which is inspired by what they see, hear and read on the website. To find out more about how Pop My Mind works, or to see current submissions on the platform, please click the link here.

This year Chronicle Digital Storytelling and MH100 are celebrating the 100th year anniversary of Martlesham Heath Airfield and they want your creative content to support their event!

The airfield built in 1917 is situated in an ancient area of heathland, which played an important role in World War 2 as a frontline operational airbase. It has also been used as a testing site for aircrafts such as an early prototype for the iconic Spitfire.

What is the challenge?

(Image above taken from Pop My Mind’s Heroes prompt)

This is a paid opportunity for artists which will also offer fantastic exposure of your work to lots of people!

The challenge is to create unique visual artwork with relates back to the background of this historical area. This could focus around the landscape, Spitfire planes or perhaps the stories of heroes in the RAF such as the three stories below…


Servicing Aircraft: video link here

(Image above taken from Servicing Aircraft, video link here)

Servicing Aircraft is a digital story about Neil Glen’s time working at Martlesham Airfield in 1959. In Neil’s early days he cleaned the windows on the aircrafts before becoming involved with more practical tasks. Over the next year he become a senior aircraftman. Neil did maintenance on aircrafts such as Anson planes, whilst also helping with the moving of Hurricane and Spitfire planes in and out of hangers. It’s a great story that tells us how airbases such as Martlesham were operated and how the planes were kept in good working order.


Memories of Bader: video link here

(Image above taken from Memories of Bader, video link here.)

Memories of Bader is a digital story about the narrator, Arthur ‘Vic’ Skeet’s meeting with the late World War 2 RAF flying ace Sir Douglas Bader. Arthur’s story tells of how Bader, who had lost both of his legs in an accident in 1931, arrived at Martlesham Airfield and managed to walk and climb into one of the Hurricane planes stationed at the airbase. Bader was an inspirational figure who showed how we can overcome disabilities through strength and determination.


On a Wing and a Prayervideo link here

(Image above taken from On a Wing and a Prayer, video link here)

On a Wing and a Prayer is a digital story told by Stanley Chambers in which he tells of his experience and emotions of being a Spitfire pilot. He tells of the extreme fear of the pilots as they prepared to fly and fight in the skies during World War 2. Stanley also tells us how “you couldn’t show it…once that engine opened up your fear had gone”. During the war soldiers had to hide their fears and fight in the adversity of death. Stanley’s story is a fascinating insight to how those soldiers dealt with their fears.


What will your work go towards?

The chosen artworks will be used to help fundraise for the celebrations. You will not only be paid for your work, you will also be contributing your artwork to a brilliant charitable cause! This is also a fantastic opportunity for hundreds of eyes to see your artwork since your piece will be involved in the crowdfunding campaign as well as an exhibition during the event.

If successful, your piece will be given in various forms to those who donate to the crowdfunding campaign in various stages.

-Small postcard sets will be given to those who contribute a small amount

-A run of 75 signed prints will be given to those of a higher contribution

-Your original artwork will be sold to anyone who wants to buy it.

You will receive payment for use of your work as prints If your original piece of work sells, you will also get 50% of the sale price of the piece, which is negotiable. Login to Pop My Mind to find out the full details!


Before you submit to this opportunity, please ensure you are able supply us with a high-quality image of your piece (preferably scanned at 600dpi) as well as provide the original artwork quickly upon request if your piece is selected.

The deadline for this opportunity is midnight on Monday 17th April.


Extra Info…

To find out additional information about Martlesham Airfield, please follow the link here to help inspire you and see current submissions for this challenge!

Once again this is a fantastic opportunity for artists to get paid, get noticed and work for a great cause. So why not join us today and get involved? To join us at Pop My Mind please click the link here where you can easily find how to join and starting creating.

Get Popping everyone!


Written by Jack Bailey