Finding the Right Artistic Talent for your Project & Brand December 7, 2017

Browse a wide range of different art styles. Do this to get a feel for the genre of artist you would like to work with!

Try asking yourself these questions to make sure you end up deciding on a genre that suits your brand & project not just one that appeals to your own personal taste…

What audience are you looking to appeal to – would a more contemporary or traditional style work best? How will the artwork be used – will it mostly be pushed out on social media?


||||||||| by Jesse Bellon 

 Look to famous artists & creatives for inspiration. Who would you work with an ideal world?

There’s plenty of undiscovered talent out there but looking to the more well known creatives is an easy way to get a better idea of what artistically you might be looking for.

One of my favourite well known artists is Laolu Senbanjo. He’s done some incredible brand collaborations and his artwork also featured in Beyonce’s visual album, Lemonade!


Head Inside Out by Matlakas  is a vibrant piece with bold lines & high contrast, which are also characteristics of Laolu’s work!

 Follow artists you like on Instagram…

This will fill your news feed with inspiring creativity that breaks the monotony of breakfast snaps (no more avocado on toast – please!!) as well as showing an artist you are genuinely interested in their work!


 Follow one of our artists Sander Steins on Instagram to show him the love!

Speak to an expert …

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