Exploring Spirituality in Olivia FJ’s Digital Work March 6, 2017

Olivia FJ  is an animation student at Norwich University of the Arts. She is also a member of Pop My Mind. Olivia joined in March 2016, submitted five pieces of work and has inspired the creation of two more pieces.


Spiritual Healing is an understated image created using an art app on Ipad. The soft colours and simplicity of the piece creates a feeling of warmth and serenity.

This was Olivia’s first submission to Pop My Mind and has inspired an image titled Healing the World by Stephen Neale Johnson and a poem titled Ancestor’s Fire by Wendie A.


This photograph, titled Is It Real?was taken by the artists to replicate feeling of tension and fear. This picture has a tone which contrasts directly with Olivia’s Spiritual Healing. The feeling of being watched, or of not being alone when you’re in an empty house, is a feeling that’s extremely relatable. The photograph seems to mimic the cautious gaze of someone checking once more that no one is there. You know you’re alone but still…

What contributes to the spookiness of this image is that it is visibly daytime outside, yet it is still dark. There are shadows on the walls and maybe I’ve been looking at the photograph for too long but I’m sure I can see what looks like a shadowy figure lurking in the hallway. The question is, is it real?


Spirituality is a theme often used in Olivia’s work and is depicted in a completely different way in her digital illustration, titled The Circle of Life depicts what the artist has described as ‘a deer who has died and become part of the earth again, as it once was before it was born.’ This gentle image gives feeling of utter peace, its soft edges blurring the line between life and death. The Circle of Life was submitted in January of 2017 and has already inspired this piece of work by Fabian Forban.

This image was created using digital art and manipulated photography. The stag in the picture is representative of higher knowledge which is comparable to Olivia’s stag which is representative of nature and the cycle of life. There is a contrast between the two images in the fact that Fabian’s image is very bold, with sharp, clean lines whereas Olivia’s image is very natural and emotive.

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Written by Tamzyn Jackson