Featured Artist: Monique de Brock-Bol December 20, 2018

(featured image above take off)

If you spend any time looking at Pop My Mind you will recognize the work of Monique de Brock-Bol who has been sharing their work on the site for almost two years. In December 2017 she proudly won an invention award for Walking in the fog, shown below, which she found to be a motivating experience. I am enamored with this simple, subtle image which always manages to draw the eye. The stark back figure is almost a silhouette against the frosted background, this along with the square white framing creates an image unmistakably  belonging to Monique’s practice.

Monique is an amateur photographer, who started with analogue photography twenty five years ago. In that time every two weeks she has taken photos with a photography club. Earlier in her practice she enjoyed using a dark room and working directly with chemicals to produce images. Although ten years ago Monique purchased her first digital camera it is only in the last five that she was happy to create her experimental digital images.

Despite finding that for her expressing herself with images is a better medium than words; she enjoys Pop My Mind as a platform that allows you to respond to both images and with images or words. Like many other people Monique began with a Facebook page to share her artwork, but found Pop My Mind a better alternative somewhere “to visualize your own thoughts.” A motif that is scattered throughout Monique’s work is the inhabitants of her images leaping out of the frame, this works to create compelling digital collages  which jump out at you when scrolling through the site. Escaping the frame! explores this directly in her text she writes of “the rabbit escaping the narrowing picture”. This description perfectly captures for me the quiet poetry of her work.

Monique described how whenever she sees an image or reads beautiful words or listens to music on the website she sees new images in her mind’s eye and enjoys working with layers of imagery to create her response. Her signature monochrome style harks back to her time working in photographic dark rooms. For Monique “black and white photography offers a way for shapes and lines to emphasize and play with light”. This philosophy of continually exploring monochrome, and playing with light and shade has resulted in some beautiful imagery, not least her most recent piece. Delicate evokes winter spiderwebs with its luminescent threads with a darker frame and subtle background tones of slate and certainly makes me want to see what is next to come.


Inspired by Monique’s work we have a new challenge MONOCHROMIA, inviting you to work in shades of just one colour, be inspired and see what you can do.

Thank you to Monique for answering my questions and allowing me to write this blog post.