Featured Artist: Martin Swan December 8, 2016

Pop My Mind is a creative website that allows artists of all types to express themselves in a number of ways and post their work for other artists to see. What makes Pop My Mind unique is that all of the work on the site was made for the site. Each piece is inspired by another and in turn inspires more.

Martin Swan, one of Pop My Mind’s most distinctive artists, created this piece called Communique. It is described simply as “present day methods of communication.” What is unsettling is that this piece highlights society’s capability to avoid thinking about conflict that takes place in other countries because it has no impact on daily life and ,thanks to emoticons, its now all too easy for society to avoid talking about it too. Communique prompts self-reflection and makes you think about what’s actually happening “over there.”

Swan has said that the objective of his work is to inspire the question “what is it about aspects of this work that I don’t like about myself?” Whether his work is hard-hitting or light-hearted, there is always a part of you thinking “am I accountable in some way?”

For example, Almost Human is a piece that visually describes how pet owners treat their animals as if they were humans, talking to them and dressing them like tiny, hairy people. If you’re not a direct culprit, you most likely know someone who is.

Martin Swan’s work, the materials of which are often found in charity shops, carries a theme of war and violence as well as encouraging society to take a long hard look at itself. This theme features a bullets and some authentic war paraphernalia.


Rejuvenation is piece that the artist describes as ‘trying to inhale the culture of a new generation.’ This in turn inspired a piece of work called Toxic Trooper by illustrator Mark King. King’s work inspires a completely different feeling from Swan’s work, but the connection between the two is clear.

Follow the chain back throughout the site and you can witness the transformation of one piece of art as it become something completely different, all based on how it is interpreted. All it takes is for one person to see something in a different light.

Martin Swan’s work has been so attention-grabbing that, not only is he the third most viewed page on the entire site, he has earned the Invention Award for his piece titled Special Delivery. The use of a child’s shoes is instrumental in Martin’s mission to cause ‘discomfort and confusion.’

Special Delivery
Winner of the Invention Award

There will be a post with more information on ‘Special Delivery’ and the Invention Award in the next few weeks so feel free to take this opportunity to create a response to any of Martin’s pieces, or any that should take your fancy, by joining

If you’re not much of a visual artist, don’t fret. As well as photography, digitally created images and paintings, Pop My Mind also welcomes writers, musicians and film makers.

It doesn’t matter what it inspires you to create, just create.

Written by Tamzyn Jackson