Featured Artist: Frederic Belaubre December 21, 2016

Pop My Mind is site that encourages artists of all types to create work inspired by art pieces that they find on the site. In this way, the artist can see their art change and grow based on how it is interpreted by others.

Frederic Belaubre joined Pop My Mind in April 2016. Since then he has created forty pieces of work, using mostly ink or oil paint. Various pieces of his work have prompted more than ten interpretative responses.

Street Protest (below) was created using ink on paper. This striking image depicts protesters and the police. It was inspired by Pop My Mind’s challenge for artists to create artwork using the theme of Revolution and was exhibited at the Revolution exhibition by Pop My Mind in October 2016. Since then, Street Protest has gone on to inspire pieces of work such as Take Your Shot by Martin Swan, one of Pop My Mind’s previously featured artists, and Revolution Remake by Steve Joyce.


Frederic has said about painting that it is “an act of understanding, as a search for fulfillment. Emotions and anxieties, as well as pleasures.”


This piece, titled Tree Giving Birth is was also created using ink on paper. It is a testament to the artist that he can create two so very different pieces of artwork using the same type of material. This piece, unlike Street Protest, is vibrant and has bold fluctuating colour. The piece has gone on to inspire another nature themed piece called Corrupted Beauty by Michelle Bowden.


Self Portrait is one of Frederic’s more recent pieces, having been submitted in November 2016. It was created in response to Pop My Mind’s challenge ‘Processinviting artists to share their creative processes with the Pop My Mind community in their chosen art form. This simplistic yet engaging piece of work has inspired artist Bethan Kerridge to create a piece called Expandedwhich is reminiscent of Frederic’s Self Portrait with the use of its clean lines and minimalist feel.

Join us at Pop My Mind to create your own responses to Frederic’s work or any of the pieces he has inspired – and see your work interpreted and changed into something entirely different. Perhaps our next featured artist could be you.

Written by Tamzyn Jackson