Explore and investigate your creative minds with our latest opportunity! August 24, 2017

A new and exciting opportunity opportunity is now open for all of the Pop My Mind community to take part in! This will be in collaboration with one of our partners, Photograd who are a UK based online platform who help photography graduates gain exposure and give them a platform to express their works.

What is the opportunity?

Photograd photographers have submitted pieces for the theme of ‘Exploration and Investigation’ with five pieces being chosen to inspire responses from you. The challenge for you is to interpret, expand on the works and show us how you creatively react to photography.

Pop My Mind invites you to explore and investigate the themes of the photographers’ works in your own unique medium using research, connections and knowledge to aid you. You might be inspired by one of the photographs or perhaps by the whole series, just let us know in your upload description!

This opportunity is aimed at artists of all forms, be it you want to create a fine art response or perhaps you feel that your response is best conveyed through the medium of music, the choice is yours!

The selected photographs from Photograd are shown below if you wish to save them as a jpeg file to aid you in your creative responses:

53.9230° N, 3.0150° W’ By Andrew Mellor

Familiar Gardens By Dulcie Wagstaff


From the series Covering The Carpet By Jocelyn Allen

Familiar By Karim Skalli

Urban Stratum By Theodore Plytas and Alexandra Gribaudi

The five photographs from Photograd and the selected pieces from Pop My Mind will be included in a professional multimedia exhibition this winter. The exhibition will be held at the Subterranean Arts gallery in Ipswich, highlighting the interlinking relationship between photography and all other art forms. There will be a private viewing held on the 27th October with the public exhibition running between 28th October and 18th November.

As we have secured sponsorship for the event to cover the exhibition costs, it will be free to join! However we expect you to organise the framing of your pieces and pay postage to get your artwork to and from the venue.

How do I join Pop My Mind?

If you want to get involved with this fantastic opportunity then don’t hesitate in joining us at Pop My Mind today by clicking the link here. If you would like to see current submission on the platform then you can also find them on our website here.

Good Luck and Get Popping Everyone!

Written by Jack Bailey