Exploration and Investigation Exhibition – combining photography with the other creative mediums! November 9, 2017

Thursday 26th October marked the opening night of Pop My Mind and Photograd’s joint exhibition ‘Exploration and Investigation’ at Subterranean Arts Gallery. The exhibition is a showcase of the creative dialogue between photography and other mediums: a combination of photography from Photograd members, and creative reactions and responses to those by Pop My Mind creatives. And I was fortunate enough to be the event’s photographer for the evening!

Doors open…

Doors opened at 5:30pm as guests were immediately greeted by three live performances from artists Audio Obscura,  Sam Spicer and Carlos Fernandes. Audio Obscura, one of Pop My Mind’s musical artists, played an electronic musical piece alongside Sam who was creating ink paintings directly in response to the soundscape. This is just one example of how Pop My Mind artists can work together to produce something greater than the sum of its parts (even though those parts are pretty awesome to begin with)!


Carlos entertained watchers as he created a vibrant Jackson Pollock-style piece. The piece was large and required a lot of space to create so Carlos worked in the gallery’s garden, first under natural daylight, then sunset into the evening, where his audience helped to shine light onto his masterpiece as he continued to create. Here are a few pictures of Carlos creating his art!



The exhibition…

Because of the fantastic response to the Exploration and Investigation challenge, there are so many amazing pieces on display at Subterranean Arts Gallery. Each wall is filled with the framed works and everyone was well and truly taken in by the art on display. Examples of the ranging variety in media are pieces like Sarah Pooley’s Light Droplet which is an oil on canvas piece, and also Laure Van Minden’s L’Entre-Deux who was inspired by Photograd photographer Dulcie Wagstaff to create this screen printing that has been further edited and worked on.


Best in show!…

Throughout the night we gave our community and the public the chance to vote for a piece to win ‘Best in Show’ which was to be revealed at the end of the night. The winning work was Jacques Viljoen’s Home: an oil-painting that was created by capturing real-life elements whilst also being inspired by Elika Bo’s photography work. Congrats Jacques!


A Big Thank You!

We would like to thank everyone who contributed to making this exhibition happen, especially our community who keep on creating such brilliant work! The ‘Exploration and Investigation‘ exhibition will be open to the public until 18th November at Subterranean Arts Gallery everyday (except Sundays and Mondays) 10am – 5pm, so please feel free to go and see the amazing art on show!

Want to be a Popper?…

Pop My Mind offers artists of all kinds the chance to be showcased in real-world events, through our arts industry partners, and online. All of this happens by the creatives on board getting inspired by each other and responding to each other’s work!

If you would like to express your creative side and join our growing community then join Pop My Mind today by following the link here!

If you’re a photography graduate wanting a feature, then definitely check out Photograd here, who did an incredible job co-curating this exhibition and sharing some beautiful, thought-provoking work.

Get Popping!


Written by Jack Bailey