Creativity: The links between Creativity, Travel and Mental Health June 5, 2017

Just over a week to go before the deadline of the Think Travel Challenge and Pop My Mind  have already seen some very inspiring responses from members of our community!

Think Travel challenges creatives to be inspired by travel which is known to have a positive effect on our mental health and wellbeing.  The selected winner will be awarded with a £50 bursary towards travel to a destination of their choice.

Many creatives have made close links with travel and the positive impact it has on their mental health and wellbeing, including artist Michelle Bowden who has created several pieces of artwork in response to the challenge. Michelle describes Inspirit as a portrayal of as “the act of walking” transporting her “through different states of mind”. Reconnecting with nature and exploring natural environments leads Michelle to “a wealth of inspiration”. Michelle’s second piece Travel  was inspired by a recent trip to Walberswick, local to Suffolk proving that there many areas of natural beauty nearby and that you never have to travel to far to find the most wild and scenic of landscapes.


What are the links between creativity, travel and mental health?

Travel enhances our creativity, boosts our self esteem and improves our mental health and wellbeing. Professor Adam Galinksy believes that foreign experiences can “improve cognitive flexibility” which is the “mind’s ability to jump between different ideas” and is a key component of creativity.

Travel for us can be a very enlightening experience, immersing ourselves in new cultures and landscapes and allowing ourselves time and space to think, recreate and explore new opportunities on the horizon for the future. Our lives can become hectic, and we can get too caught up in reality but, travelling or creating works of an artistic nature can be of great benefit to us, allowing us to recover.

If you want to experience a change in your surroundings or even just to disconnect for several hours, many of the places you are dreaming of are only ever a short distance away from your location. If you live in rural areas you will be a discoverer of public footpaths, nature reserves and areas of natural beauty. If you are living in an urban, built up environment you can whisk yourself away to find these places that are off the beaten track. Do not hold back.

If you have been inspired by a place or an experience then now is your chance to have your work published on our platform as part of the Think Travel Challenge with the chance of winning a £50 bursary! Go to to upload your content.