Creativegrad – A new opportunity with our new partner May 5, 2017

Pop My Mind is extremely happy to announce our new official partner Photograd!

Photograd are an organisation founded in Suffolk that aim to showcase and support photography graduates from UK based courses and encourage them to continue making work post-university.

We have previously collaborated with Photograd on our Signs project but now we excited to have them as an official partner and hope to provide our community with many exciting opportunities in the future!


What is Creativegrad?

Our first challenge as an official partnership is called Creativegrad.

We want creative graduates to create a completely new piece of work in any medium and upload it to our website for a chance to be featured on Pop My Mind and Photograd’s blogs!

Artists who specialise in lens based media and produce work for this challenge will also have the chance to find themselves featured on Photograd’s website as a featured artist.

This is an opportunity to produce work and unleash your creativity. Works of all sizes, from singular pieces to larger projects are welcome!

You have until Saturday September 30th 2017 to submit for this challenge.


Needing some inspiration?

If you are looking for some inspiration to help you with this challenge, then why not check out Photograd’s website at or you can see some of our current submissions from our previous collaboration with Photograd Signs, which challenged artists to respond to signs they saw, down below:

Do we have a verdict? – Chris DeSimone

Do we have a verdict? is a piece of photography that Chris has captured by using a mobile phone camera, with added grey-scale after. Chris’s photo highlights that signs can be misleading, commenting that the piece shows “a sign that is as superficially deceptive as the American justice system”.

Stave in the Sky – Oliver Squirrell

Oliver’s piece is a photograph that shows many bird nests within the trees. When seeing this, Oliver said that “to my eyes, the arrangement of nests resemble notes on a musical stave; a visual sign of the springtime melodies that fill the sky at this time of year.”


Now that you have found a bit of inspiration, why not join us? To take part in this fantastic opportunity join Pop My Mind today by following the link at . This is a great chance for new or existing graduates to have many eyes seeing your creativeness and work .


Get Popping!

Written by Jack Bailey


Featured image by Elika Bo