Creative Thoughts – A New Exhibiting Opportunity July 4, 2017

The Exposure opportunity Creative thoughts, is now open! It is a great opportunity to be featured in an exhibition at Suffolk University. Sarah Tappenden, Pop My Mind’s new volunteer working on the blog and wellbeing projects will curate this exhibition in collaboration with Roseanne Ganley.


It is inspired by mental health. Creativity is a helpful way to express what the mind is feeling; often those suffering with mental health issues are battling an invisible battle and are unable to express what they are going through. Creativity whether it’s drawing, painting or video making can put the mind at rest through art and use it as a type of therapy.


Art therapy is often used to help those suffering with mental health issues to cope and recover. Art will become their outlet to improve their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.


The exhibition is going to feature work Popped from Roseanne Ganley’s Creative Thoughts part 1 of 2 Sarah Tappenden’s Creative thoughts part 2 of 2. The works are inspired by their own personal experiences with mental health and each other’s artwork. They would love to see other reactions to their work and to break the stigma behind mental health and open a discussion on it.

Sarah Tappenden’s painting Creative thoughts 2 of 2.

We would love to feature all mediums of artwork in the exhibition: music, video, photography, etc. The deadline for this opportunity is 21st July. The exhibition is due to open in August in Room One, Suffolk University, Ipswich.

Written by Sarah Tappenden