Communicate Your Message on a Deeper Level January 30, 2018

For centuries, all manor of businesses, religions, politicians and individuals have discovered that the most impactful and deeply-rooted way of getting your message access is through human artistry; paintings, poetry, music and more. 

In this era of artificial intelligence and digital Armageddon, it has become increasingly meaningful to communicate with each other on this human level, to inspire your fellow man with the traits and beliefs which mark you out from the crowd as a company  and an individual – and to do so in a memorable fashion.     

So how can you best utilise the power of artistry to convey your message like never before?

Here are three fresh ideas to mull over.

  1. Artistic storytelling

Communication through storytelling is the most ancient and fundamentally human practice of all.

From prehistoric cave paintings to the renowned collaboration of Roald Dahl and Quentin Blake, blending compelling narrative with distinctive artistry results in meaningful work with lasting emotional resonance.

“I can see the Rain, Papa. I can feel them. Let the windows open and let me touch those tiny droplets, one by one…” And I know now that my Ira, my beloved differently able daughter has opened those windows, forever. I can see those hints of lights coming through. I can see my Ira’s soul wandering through the dark clouds and bringing the rain upon my thirsty lips. Let me sing for now, may I?”

– Sat Biswas – Photographer and digital artists from India – Part of Pop My Mind since March 2017

  1. GIFs!

A ferocious fusion of imagery and video, GIFs are immediately striking, devilishly hypnotic and a platform for unimaginable artistic wonder and communicative experimentation.

Bark it bolder with artistic layers of giffy goodness!

  1. Devise your own fusions

The more senses you engage, the more memorable your message becomes.

With a voluminous selection of visual artists, musicians, filmic talents, literary talents, textile talents, and even fragrance artists to choose from, the possibilities are endless when it comes to crafting your own multimedia muse:

Street art fused with poetry, electronica fused with GIFs, haiku fused with fashion design… the options are eternal, and the world is yours.

New Popper Laura Elma has fused a mixture of audio and visual fragments to form a unique communicative platform. 

What now?

All it takes is a little first move.

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Written by Oliver Squirrell