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Creating visuals for music using stock footage
March 15, 2018

It’s sometimes hard to stand out on the video world. Everyone is constantly thinking of new ideas or can be hesitant to break new boundaries and try something different. Something I love to incorporate into the videos I make where I am limited for footage is using old stock footage. If done in a creative way, I think Read the full article…

Why are Collaborations Important for Brands?
January 11, 2018

We are living in a collaboration culture – sharing our daily lives, getting advice and recommendations online, and being constantly virtually connected over multiple platforms. We have access to incredible software such as Google Drive and Trello which allow us to keep up-to-date with our peers in real time and work on group projects. Even Read the full article…

Inflated Inspirations: a balloon art installation not to be missed!
June 29, 2017

There is a unique installation titled Inflated Inspirations coming to Ipswich this summer which cannot be missed! About the Exhibition VIP Balloons will be creating an immersive installation in Waterfront Gallery (inside the University of Suffolk Waterfront Building) and opening it for the public to explore and enjoy. This ten day exhibition will also be accompanied Read the full article…

Month of Mindfulness: find tranquility with our latest theme
May 2, 2017

One of our current themes on Pop My Mind is the Tranquil challenge, where we are asking artists to unwind, have fun and take us to your peaceful place through your creative expression. Tranquil means to be free from disturbance, but as we move into May it’s also time to think about the month of mindfulness where we consider others Read the full article…

Critque of Poetry on Pop My Mind
March 17, 2017

Pop My Mind is a creative platform that encourages artists, aspiring and established, to produce a piece of work that is inspired by what they see, hear or read. Artists can create any form of art from paintings to writing to music. To learn more about how Pop My Mind works or to check out Read the full article…

How Artists React to Change
March 14, 2017

Pop My Mind is a creative online platform which challenges artists, aspiring and established, to produce a piece of work inspired by what they hear, read or see. To find out more about how Pop My Mind works or to view current submissions, please follow the link here. When producing and analysis pieces of work, Read the full article…