Art for “One”, Water for Africa June 22, 2017

Artists, writers, musicians and all the faithful creatives of Pop My Mind!

There is a new challenge for you to get stuck into, bringing with it the opportunity to get paid for your work, to get exposure and really get your stuff out there. Best all, this challenge is offering you the chance to be a part of something huge and really important.

The One Foundation have created a new range of organic, botanically infused spring waters inspired by their connection with Africa and other communities all over the world.

These delicious drinks are 100% natural, environmentally friendly and are less than a single gram of sugar per bottle!

Not only are you being hydrated by these drinks but others are too. The purchase of each bottle helps to fund life changing water projects in places like Malawi, Kenya and Zambia.

Your challenge is to create something uplifting and bright. Something that shows the hope that One is bringing to those who really need it.

You could choose to focus on how healthy and natural these drinks are. Think nature, water, the human body and the environment.

Alternatively, you could focus on the difference that The One Foundation has made to so many lives around the world. Think humanity, charity, love and friendship.

Email Laurel Berry at  if you’re interested in taking part in this important opportunity. Twenty of the artists that get in touch will be able to taste One’s new drinks so not only can you respond to the origins of the botanical ingredients but also to the smell, taste, appearance and sensation of them. The deadline is midnight on June 26th 2017. Better get cracking!

You can earn between £30 and £180 for your work and it will be going towards this amazing project.

So get inspired, get creating and get on to Your art could be start of some real change for greater good. That, and the drinks are delicious!

Written by Tamzyn Jackson