ART + FILM – Pop My Mind x White Collar Videos April 24, 2018

Pop My Mind and White Collar Videos have teamed up to create stunning, professional video content for businesses.

Our joint venture called ART + FILM does just what it says on the tin: tells businesses’ stories using the artistic talent of the Pop My Mind community, all wrapped up into professional, bespoke film made by White Collar Videos.

Our Launch

We launched our new venture at InTech 2018 by providing live art and video during the evening to help market the event. This was tailored to the theme of the event ‘the power of innovation’, and B2B Marketing’s brand, who organises InTech annually.

InTech 2018 was a networking event and conference for tech marketers and business leaders who dare to be different. Since Pop My Mind has built technology to inspire new creativity around the world, and White Collar Videos specialises in bold video production for B2B marketers, this was the perfect event for us to debut our joint service.

During the event, Richard Day, a full-time artist based in Norwich, painted a portrait of Youtube’s CEO Susan Wojiski live. This was to highlight the pertinent topic of women in tech, tying into International Women’s Day a few days before.

Richard Day halfway through his portrait of Susan

The live demonstration was accompanied by a finished painting Richard made prior to the event, depicting the importance of “Human Intelligence” amongst technological developments, and a time-lapse video of of this being created. You can watch this and a behind-the-scenes chat with Richard – filmed of course by White Collar Videos – here.

The artwork demonstration and video gained a lot of attention and positive feedback for both Richard’s work and our venture as a whole. Richard’s artwork was a fantastic conversation opener and had many people wanting to know more about our service and keen to get in touch – showing the power of having a stand-out creative presence at events. We are looking forward to embarking on more marketing projects like this as a partnership very soon, and working with brands promote their message in innovative artistic ways.

What does ART + FILM do?

ART + FILM gives marketing professionals the power to tell their company’s message, whatever that may be, in an innovative and bold way using the power of creativity. Having 600 creatives at our fingertips in unique artistic disciplines, the ambition and scope of the project is completely up to you. Think spray-painted murals on the sides of buildings to professional dance flash mobs, spoken word poetry to bespoke VR experiences.

Using the power of video – the most engaging form of media – you also have the opportunity to go behind the scenes, interview the artists and create loads of meaningful, authentic content for your business. In this way, the message you want to communicate is clear and naturally put across. This is delivered polished and ready to integrate onto your social media, website, or as part of a greater marketing campaign.

A team photo at InTech!

How to get in touch

If you’re interested in hearing more, give one of us a call or an email and we’ll be happy to have a chat.

Laurel from Pop My Mind: 07788256024 |
Jonathan from White Collar Videos: 0203 633 3946 |