An Opportunity For Your Art To Speak Your Mind – #EuropeEdition! February 10, 2017

Pop My Mind is a creative platform which invites all artists to be inspired by others to produce any art from what they see, hear or read. We aim to give real-world exposure to aspiring and established creative minds. To learn more about Pop My Mind, how it works or if you wish to browse current submissions on the website, please click here.

Pop My Mind is currently working with #PHOTOGRAPHY Magazine in a project called #EuropeEdition which will be exploring migration and celebrating European diversity. We are calling on artists to respond to both Marco Sconocchia’s Babylon and Szymon Barylski’s Fleeing Death (see video below) to produce a work of  reflective and inspired art.


Babylon– Marco’s project consists of double exposure on camera and/or Photoshop about London’s nights. Marco explores ‘alienation’ experienced in London by conveying the dramatic contrast of the bustling and chaotic life of the city during day, to the desperate, quiet and isolated feelings that we experience at night.

(Photographs taken from Babylon– Marco Sconocchia)


Fleeing Death – Szymon’s selection of photographs are taken from a refugee camp in Idomeni on the Greek-Macedonian border. The selected works look at immigrants and asylum seekers from different social backgrounds fleeing from war, death and starvation. Families separated, Barylski’s album encapsulates the struggles, emotions and stories that the people have experienced.

(Photograph taken from Fleeing Death- Szymon Barylski)


Artists will have until midnight on Friday 10th March to submit their work where selected submissions will be showcased in #PHOTOGRAPHY’s blog and social media! For a direct link to #PHOTOGRAPHY’s website please follow the link here.

React and respond to the images and themes shown in any way that you feel inspired! (However, please don’t edit the images directly since this interferes with artists’ copyright.) For full details about the fantastic opportunity, please follow the link here.

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Get inspired and get popping!


Written by Jack Bailey

(Thumbnail image by Szymon Barylski)