An introduction to Double Exposure photography with Sat Biswas… June 8, 2017

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In this article we will be looking at one of Pop My Mind’s newer artists Sat Biswas. Sat’s photography has caught the eyes of many on the platform with his fantastic Double Exposure shots but also with his wide range of cultural exploration through his art. Here are some of Sat’s pieces:

A Clockwork Orange – Sat Biswas

Sat’s work A Clockwork Orange is inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s 1971 film adaptation of the same name. The phrase ‘A Clockwork Orange’ was defined by author Anthony Burgess as referring to a person who “has the appearance of an organism lovely with colour and juice but is in fact only a clockwork toy to be wound up by God or the Devil or [since this is increasingly replacing both] the Almighty State”. The piece that Sat has produced is a Multiple Exposure shot which contrasts the innocence and glory of the city with the dangers and corruption that lie beneath.

Exile of the Blue’sSat Biswas

Exile of the Blue’s is a mixed media piece which shows Sat’s interpretation of the issues in the Bay of Bengal. Sat’s work is constructed by taking a photograph from the sea and combining it with a digitally produced silhouette of a fisherman. The Bay of Bengal has suffered from pollution, degradation of habitats and oil spillages which has led to the reduction of fish in the area. Sat’s work conveys the fear of many local fishermen, their livelihood threatened by the ongoing issues whilst the use of silhouette also emphasises the darkness that fills their mind.

MetamorphosisSat Biswas

In Sat’s Metamorphosis the implementation of Double Exposure allows him to convey the point that through the way humans work and live, they are showing characteristics similar to animals. Sat also wanted to highlight “how animals are metamorphosing into a disorderly and chaotic human form”. The shot of the horse is the focal point of the piece as it phases from the field to the more industrial environment of a hanger.

Durga Sat Biswas

Sat’s piece Durga is inspired by the warrior goddess Durga who represents strength against evil and demonic forces that threaten peace and prosperity in the universe. The work was created through photography first, and digitally edited in Adobe Lightroom later. The piece depicts the face of a girl which is covered in tears and rain, creating confusion as to whether she is truly crying or not. The message behind Sat’s piece is that the world and people Durga fought to protect are now working to destroy the peace that she saved.

Sat’s works manage to convey multiple messages and perspectives, which is one of the great advantages of Double Exposure shots. If you have been inspired by Sat’s works or any other works on the platform then join Pop My Mind today, click the link here to find out more details.


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Written by Jack Bailey


Featured image: OloresSat Biswas